Emmy and Victoria’s puppies

We didnt make an official announcement about these litters since our waitlist is so full already.   Mike and Karen raised them in California and then we met up to grade the litters, and then i brought the companions home to get to know them before they are going to their new homes.  🙂

However, on 9/1/2018 Victoria and Slushy welcomed 3 beautiful girls into the world.  We are keeping one to show.  I will announce her later on.  🙂    These are the two sweet babies that are being sold as amazing companions.

Cinnamon: Sweet, cuddly, but also super confident.  (red & white) Girl

Cocoa: Cuddly, pretty quiet but still social, going to be a bigger girl (15 inch)


Emmy and Lee also welcomed a litter on 9/8/2018 – 5 boys and a girl.  We are growing up two males to potentially show.

Berry: Special miracle of a girl – overcome the odds to be able to use her left foot – best for a family who dont hike a lot. Will be smaller – maybe a 13. Sweet and cuddly

Fudge: Happy, social & wants a cuddle before playing again – BOY

Pepper: Sweet and active, loves to kiss your face off and play games galore. He  is a large personality is a little package – BOY

Mac: Quieter boy, snuggly with a more “cruisy” attitude but happy to be where ever you are.

5 thoughts on “Emmy and Victoria’s puppies”

  1. I am interested in one pup, I’m tetired and need a companion, there is a large yard to play in for him, boy?
    Are they available?

  2. I am interested in a female beagle baby. I am a younger retiree due to the unexpected passing of my husband. My husband and I were the parents of two beagle girls during our 34 year marriage. Both were raised as our “kids” as we were unable to have children. I miss having a beagle companion and would greatly appreciate if you could keep me in mind when you have availability. Thank you so very much.

    Julie Welke
    (425) 737-0295

  3. My wife and I lost our 10.5 yr old beloved beagle (who was our furry son as we have no children) to bladder cancer and kidney failure a week ago. We miss him terribly and would love to get on your waiting list for 2019 or any puppy available now, preferably. We work from home so a puppy would have constant companionship.

    Thank you,
    William Gamble

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