Beagle puppies are 8 weeks old ~ Woodinville Seattle WA AKC

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Today marks 8 weeks with these precious little beagle puppies.  We have been so honored to watch them grow.  It will be hard to say goodbye next weekend, that is for sure when a couple of them go to their forever homes.

They are cheeky and fun and getting into everything.  They spend a lot of time with the bigger dogs which of course they love.  Maddy is now longer “mommy” but is now “friend” and plays with them a lot.

Enjoy the puppy pictures this week – I think they only get cuter by the minute  🙂

Cavalier Puppies are nearly here

Miss Arrow’s pregnancy has flown by so fast and we are now about 2 ish weeks away from meeting our little cavalier babies.  Arrow looks amazing – until you pull back her hair, its hard to tell she is pregnant at all.  But when you do, there is definitely a belly 🙂

Next week we will do an xray and see how many to expect.  I cant wait to announce their safe arrival 🙂

cavalier king charles pregnant-3 cavalier king charles pregnant-1 cavalier king charles pregnant-2


Beagle puppies are 7 weeks ~ Woodinville Seattle AKC

The beagle puppies turned 7 weeks today – I didn’t have much time to take pictures as today is my daughter’s 10th birthday.  But I wanted to give you all an update as I know some of you wait and watch for the latest pictures. 🙂

They are active and up for most of the day.  We are enjoying each of their personalities emerging.  They are all very sweet and affectionate ~ although a little naughty destroying several of our garden ferns and salmon berries.  Just as well they are so cute 🙂

We look forward to the coming weeks where we will decide which 1 or two pups stay to grow up here at Kazuri.  We do our final evaluation on the weekend of the 11th when co-owners Mike and Karen are here visiting from CA.

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Great news! Cavalier King Charles Puppies are on the way!

Kazuri is thrilled to announce that we today confirmed that Arrow is pregnant via ultrasound.

We approached the amazing Marybeth from Embee Cavaliers in Ontario Canada about using her beautiful boy “Loki” (CH Embee’s Mischief Managed) as a match for Arrow.  Not only is Loki beautiful and has a wonderful disposition, but has passed his health testing (including the same kind of MRI Arrow had done) with flying colors.

We have been lucky enough to see some of the puppies he has already produced and they are gorgeous.  To say we are excited about these potential puppies is an understatement.

The litter is due at the end of June, so stay tuned for the announcement sometime around then.   While Arrow and Loki are both black and tan, they carry the white gene and so could produce any of the 4 cavalier colors.

loki (Loki)

Beagle puppies are 6 weeks ~ Woodinville Seattle AKC

The beagle babies are 6 weeks today – I can hardly believe we have known these little (orI guess now big) babies for 1 1/2 months.

They are spending more and more supervised time outdoors – they live to play and explore (and chew sticks).   They have mastered going up and down stairs – i am constantly amazed at how fast they are – there is no where in our house they haven’t explored now 🙂

Maddy is too kind to wean herself, so i designed a nipple-hider for her so she can play with them without them nursing.  It seems to be doing the trick 🙂

Enjoy the latest pictures – they are candids taken in the yard this morning 🙂

beagle akc 6 weeks-1 beagle akc 6 weeks-3 beagle akc 6 weeks-4 beagle akc 6 weeks-6 beagle akc 6 weeks-7 beagle akc 6 weeks-8 beagle akc 6 weeks-9 beagle akc 6 weeks-11 beagle akc 6 weeks-13 beagle akc 6 weeks-14 beagle akc 6 weeks-16 beagle akc 6 weeks-17 beagle akc 6 weeks-19 beagle akc 6 weeks-20 beagle akc 6 weeks-22 beagle akc 6 weeks-23 beagle akc 6 weeks-27 beagle akc 6 weeks-29 beagle akc 6 weeks-30 beagle akc 6 weeks-31 beagle akc 6 weeks-32 beagle akc 6 weeks-33 beagle akc 6 weeks-34 beagle akc 6 weeks-41 beagle akc 6 weeks-42 beagle akc 6 weeks-48 beagle akc 6 weeks-50

Beagle puppies are 5 weeks ~ Woodinville Seattle AKC

I am a couple of days late on an update as my wonderful husband whisked me away for a little getaway – while were gone, the puppies were left in the care of my in-laws and they did a lovely job looking after them.

The babies are now consistently pooping in the litterbox (yeah) – they are still hit or miss for wee, but I am grateful the poop is contained 🙂  They are running and jumping and rough-housing with each other – and the chewing has begun.   They are almost weaned and eating food 3x a day.

Next week we will continue enrichment introducing them to uneven balance boards, tunnels and things like that.  Our hope is that they will be confident beagles whether in the show ring or with their forever homes.

beagle 5 weeks-9 beagle 5 weeks-2 The girlsbeagle 5 weeks-1 The boysbeagle 5 weeks-13 beagle 5 weeks-12 beagle 5 weeks-3 beagle 5 weeks-11 beagle 5 weeks-10 beagle 5 weeks-8 beagle 5 weeks-7 beagle 5 weeks-6beagle 5 weeks-5 beagle 5 weeks-4



Beagle puppies are 4 weeks ~ Woodinville Seattle AKC

Today the wee babies turned 4 weeks – a month sure has flown by so fast!

The beagle babies are growing still – their new skills include walking, jumping (and flopping) and wrestling. They have started solids and are starting to wean off Maddy, sleeping 10 hours alone through the night (with not a peep). They are also consistently going poop in the litterbox so that is great for cleanup 🙂

Their latest pictures are here – i think this will be the last set I can do on my own as they are so fast and dont want to stay in one place at all – I’m going to try and recruit my kids to help next week.

Enjoy them xo

Latest weights:

Girl 1 – 3 lb 14.8oz

Girl 2 – 3 lb 15.5oz

Boy 1 – 4 lb 11oz

Boy 2 – 4 lb 1.5oz

beagle puppy 4 weeks-1 Boy 1beagle puppy 4 weeks-2 Girl 1beagle puppy 4 weeks-3 Girl 2beagle puppy 4 weeks-4 Boy 2beagle puppy 4 weeks-5 beagle puppy 4 weeks-6 beagle puppy 4 weeks-7 beagle puppy 4 weeks-8 beagle puppy 4 weeks-9

Beagle Puppies ~ 3 weeks ~ Woodinville Seattle WA AKC

The babies are 3 weeks today – they are all a little more mobile and starting to potty themselves so we started introducing the potty training box.  They have used a little so that’s a great start.

They ate food for the first time yesterday – they were a little confused, but I am sure they will start to get the hang of it.

They are growing well – little chunky monkeys 🙂

Girl 1 – 3 lb 2.6oz

Girl 2 – 3lb 3.4 oz

Boy 1 – 3lb 9.3oz

Boy 2 – 3lb 3.6oz

Enjoy these latest pictures of them 🙂

beagle seattle akc-1 boy 1beagle seattle akc-2 boy 1beagle seattle akc-3 boy 2beagle seattle akc-4 girl 2 beagle seattle akc-5 girl 1beagle seattle akc-6  girl 1beagle seattle akc-7 boy 2beagle seattle akc-8 girl 2


Beagle puppies turn 2 weeks ~ Woodinville Seattle WA AKC Beagle

Maddy’s beagle puppies are 2 weeks today and continuing to thrive. They are getting bigger daily and now all have their eyes open. They are not strong enough to walk yet, but are blobbing around on their bellies.
Current weights are:
Girl 1 2 lb 6.5oz
Girl 2 2 lb 7oz
Boy 1 2 lb 12 oz
Boy 2 2 lb 6.2oz
we are surprised that boy 2 is now the smallest, but with steady growth we aren’t concerned that there is anything wrong. Enjoy their latest pictures 🙂
seattle beagle wa -1 girl 2seattle beagle wa -2 girl 2 & girl 1seattle beagle wa -3 girl 2 & girl 1seattle beagle wa -4 girl 1seattle beagle wa -5 Boy 1seattle beagle wa -6 Boy 1 & boy 2seattle beagle wa -7 Boy 2

MRI Health Testing on Arrow ~ the results are in

As you know, health testing is just as important to me (as a breeder) as beauty and temperament.  I take my job as a breeder seriously, and I believe that if I am going to add dogs to the world, I want it to be done so with careful thought.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can have issues with SM (Syringomyelia) in their brain.   The only way to detect it is with a MRI.  So Alisha and I decided that we wanted to scan Arrow before we bred her.    We flew her up to the amazing team at Thames Valley Veterinary Services in Ontario Canada.

I am so glad we did – no SM was detected in her brain at all – what a wonderful health clearance we have!!!   Now, on to breeding her 🙂

arrow MRI