Guardian home for “shiloh”

To be a good breeder of quality dogs, we must keep, evaluate, and continuously add quality bloodlines to our breeding program. We like to keep a few of our pick puppies to monitor their growth and development. Some will eventually fit into our breeding program, but as we only breed the best, some also will not make the cut.

Sometimes, rather than keep these pups ourselves, we will place these pick puppies in “guardian homes” so we can watch them grow and health test them and make the decision whether or not to breed them when the time comes.

Both beagles and cavalier king charles spaniels need to be a part of the family to develop their full potential. That is also why we have a guardian program.

We are seeking out the perfect local (within 30 miles of Woodinville WA) for one of our beagle puppies. She is known on the blog as “Shiloh”. An outgoing, social and very sweet girl.

If you are interested in finding out more about what a “Guardian home” is and does, I wrote a blog about it. Click here: Guardianship Of Our Breeding Dogs | Kazuri (

I am looking for the right fit for this girl, not for a “quick fit”.

If you would like to apply, please fill out the questionnaire and mention that Shiloh is who you are interested in.

Thanks <3

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