Frequently Asked Questions

~ Where are you located?    We are located just north of Seattle, Washington.  My beagle breeding partners are located in Sacramento California.  My cavalier breeding partners are located in Everett Washington.

~ Is this your primary income source?  NO! I am glad you asked. I have a full time photography business that I run (Sarah Sweetman Photography), which allows me to work from home when I am not out on location.  I breed dogs because I love them and am passionate about them, not because it is any kind of income source for our family.

~ Will I be able to meet both the mom and dad of the puppies?  Unfortunately no – I only have girls at home here at Kazuri.  This means that I have to find the best studs around the US or even abroad when I want to have a litter.   You will only get to meet the mom of the litter.  However, most of my dogs are related and so you will get a good idea of the temperament of my bloodline when you come to meet them.

~ Are your dogs all purebred?  Yes.  All of my dogs are pure bred and registered with the AKC. All puppies are also registered with the AKC and come with paperwork and registration numbers. I am passionate about preserving and improving beagles and cavaliers and so do not breed crosses or mix breeds.

~ You do health testing – does this guarantee my dog is going to be healthy for it’s whole life?  I wish I could say “YES” to this.  But I cant.  I do health testing, because I want to make the best, most educated guess and minimize the odds of producing puppies that could get sick.  However, genetics can always throw you a curve ball, and that is something you can not always predict.  I will always work hard to do as much as I can, to minimize the odds of breeding dogs who have health issues.

~ When can we come and visit?  Well, I more than happy for you to arrange a time to come and visit us, even if we dont have puppies.  If we have a litter, we dont let visitors come and visit before 6 weeks just to let the puppies get old enough for us to start to see their structure and perhaps start narrowing down who might stay here at Kazuri as our next show prospect.  Please understand that visiting before that can be unsafe for the puppies as it introduces new bacteria to the puppies that can harm their little immune systems.

~ Do you have a kennel?   No, we dont have a “kennel”.  Our dogs all live in our home (and on our couches).  The puppies are born in our living room and we raise them there so they are used to being handled frequently by our children, and also used to normal household noises and activity,

~ Do you have puppies all the time?  No – I only have a limited number of litters per year.  This is because I breed with purpose.  My dams have to have finished their health testing before they can be bred. They also will only have a maximum of 2 litters in a row before having a year or more break.  Because they go into season every 8-12 months, I might only have 1 or 2 litters in a calendar year.   Lastly, I can not guarantee which month they will occur as I can not control my dam’s heat cycles.  I have to go with whatever time Mother Nature gives me.

~ When we can choose our puppy?   With any litter, we dont make any promises of any specific puppies to families till between 6-8 weeks.  This is because our primary goal in breeding is always to find a new show prospect for ourselves.  Once we have decided on that one, we place the others in their forever companion homes.   We do our best to match the temperaments and energy levels to each family, rather have families choose based on looks.

~ What do your puppy’s come with?   They all come with AKC limited registration paperwork (non breeding), microchipped, their first vaccines, de-wormed, a bag of food and a blanket they have been sleeping on. You will have to sign a contract. All payments are received in cash or cashiers check.

~  What is your policy on spaying and neutering? I believe in not adding to the overpopulation of dogs (and cats) in the animal shelters by responsibly spaying/neutering.  In saying that, I believe that dogs should be able to fully grow before they have surgery. It will be in your contract to not spay/neuter before 18 months.  If you can not wait, you will need to either do a vasectomy (male) or ovary sparing spay (OSS) (female) or  buy a puppy from someone else.

~ Why do you require someone to be home most of the time or the puppy have another dog?  Both beagles and cavaliers are very social breeds.  They both thrive with their “people”.  Bad habits are formed when their needs are not being met, and the worst behaved beagles and cavaliers I have met are ones that are alone for long periods of time.   So, I will not sell to you if you work all day and wont put your dog in daycare, or leave your dog with a friend/family member so they can not be alone.  It will not be successful for you or them.  Please understand and respect that.

~ Do you ever have older dogs available?   Very occasionally we will have an older puppy or retired show dog available.  Older dogs do have benefits over a puppy – they are already crate trained, potty trained and leash trained.  If you would like to be considered for one of these, please let us know.  We have a very small breeding program so this is not very common.

Beagles and Cavalier King Charles Dogs