Emmy (aka. Kazuri’s Dreaming of an Emmy)

DOB: April 14 2016

Emmy is the daughter of our beautiful Maddy and a lovely male from North Carolina “Slugger” (GCH Milroc Swing for the Fence).   She is a goofy, sweet girl and loves nothing more than to be snuggled up on your lap (or if she can have her way, snuggled across multiple laps).

Emmy has just started her show career.  Her first weekend out, she made us proud by going reserve winners bitch two days of the Puyallup Dog Shows (which were both majors) and getting Best of Opposite and winners bitch the final day.

She is major pointed and almost finished her CH title.  The photos below were taken by Kayla Bertagnolli from Windkist Beagles at the National in 2017 when Emmy was 18 months old.  Currently Emmy is living in California with her co-owners, enjoying the sunshine and life with her best friend Brie (a fellow beagle).