Our little water beagle

Our little Vixen is a constant source of fun and entertainment and her latest joy is to spend her days on our Stand Up Paddle Boards with us.  She LOVES the water and has even discovered swimming in the shallows of our lake.  I have never had a water beagle before so this is all new territory for me.  🙂   She is such a delight indeed.


First points for Emmy and Vixen

The beagles decided that the cavaliers couldn’t have all the fun this weekend and so in 13s Vixen got reserve to a major 2/3 days and a 3 poit major the other day for her first CH points.

Emmy, in 15s, went reserve 2/3 of the days and then won the other day for her first 2 points towards her CH title.  And mama Maddy garnered another 5 points (including a 3 point major) toward her grand CH title.  She is just 3 points shy away with very limited showing.

Way to go girls 🙂


B’s first weekend as a Jr Handler

B and Sirius debut’ed this weekend as a Jr Handler.

She walked and worked with him with confidence and it looked like they had been a team for months not weeks.  to say we were so proud of them was an understatement.  I think these two have a bright future ahead of them.

file-1 file-3

Sirius gets his first points from the Bred By

Sirius got his first points from the “Bred By” class at the Puyallup Kennel Club under judge Dee Hyde.

Momma Arrow got Reserve in a very competitive bitch class and so we have much to be proud of with our black n tan kids this weekend.

Well done Arrow and Sirius!