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Emmy & Brie’s pups eyes open

Emmy and Brie’s pups have their eyes open. It’s so cute when this happen as they start to move around and growl and play. I can’t wait to to start solids this week and for them to start to show their personalities.

Enjoy their latest photos.

BENJI – Emmy x Nick

JOEL – Emmy x Nick

SOLO – Brie x Nick

Padme – Brie x Nick

Sobe – Brie x Nick

Dorme – Brie x Nick

Penny’s pups are growing up

Penny is full recovered from her surgery and fully in love with her puppies. They are getting full bellies and growing bigger every day.

I hate to admit it, but they are so dang cute. <3

Penny and Watson’s family named them – so without further ado – here are:




I have a current waitlist. These pups wont be available – thank you for understanding.

Penny and Watson have pups

Sometimes you plan litters so carefully and they don’t work out, and other times Mother Nature has it’s own plans and you get an accidental miracle. I am not here to point fingers at anyone as there is no point in that. But, this wasn’t quite a litter I planned, but nevertheless it came – Penny was younger than the ideal age for breeding.

Under the guidance of Dr Thoreson from Klahaya, he felt Penny would be healthy enough to carry the litter despite her age. And thankfully, she had a healthy, complication free pregnancy.

Unfortunately during her labor, greenish goop came out which is not a great sign. I called Dr Thoreson and he agreed to do a c-section. One of her pups had died a day or so before, and so was un-saveable. But we got 3 healthy pups out alive – 2 boys and a girl.

Penny is starting to recover well and though she thinks the babies are aliens, I am sure she will fall in love soon. Funny story, we put one of the beagle pups on her boobs to make her nipples easier to latch onto. Oh the things we do as breeders.

At this stage none of these pups are available. Thanks for understanding.

Emmy & Brie’s beagle pups at a few days old

I just wanted to take some nicer photos of the pups -so enjoy them <3

Emmy x Nicks babies – I went with a famous “twin” theme – Benji & Joel Madden from “Good Charlotte”.

Boy 1 – Benji

Boy 2 – Joel


Brie x Nicks babies – Since they were born on “May 4th”, I went with names of Star Wars characters.

Boy 1: Now known as Solo (as the only boy)

Girl 1: Now known as Padmé

Girl 2: Now known as Sabé

Girl 3: Now known as Dormé

Our Spencer x Pud pups are doing so well

I have to take a moment to express how proud Chelsea and I are of our Spencer x Puddin babies!

They are now just turned 9 months old and so far 6 of the 8 are pointed or major pointed!

Dutch (owned by Sarah Sweetman and I) 10 points with both majors Harley Quinn (owned by Lisa Young, Jenni Nieft, and Sarah Sweetman) 7 points with both majors

Audrey (owned by Terri Papagni-Carter and Daniel Carter) 4 points with 1 major

Daisy (owned by Sarah Sweetman) 5 singles

Charlie (owned by Jenni Nieft and Lisa Young) 3 singles

Tex (owned by Sarah Sweetman and I) 2 singles

Maddi (owned by Sarah Smith-Falkner) major reserves

All shown very sparingly and loved and owned by a fantastic group of people! We are so blessed 🥰 Looking forward to what the future may hold.

Charlotte’s cavalier pups turn 10 weeks

I love these pups so much. These are bold and bright and so much fun. It has been my pleasure to be their breeder and raise them. The first one is going to his new home and so I needed to run up to the studio for my favorite photos on my blue chair.

Enjoy the photos this week




Thank you so much for your interest in my puppies – at this stage I am not taking any new enquiries for cavalier puppies as my waitlist is full. Thank you for understanding.

The final pictures of Vixen’s Beagle pups

*Sob* – this is the final post I will be doing of these precious little ones as they will start going to their new homes. I will be keeping close tabs on them of course, but it is always bittersweet to say goodbye. It has been so special to raise these precious little babies.

Cinnamon is now going to be called Willow – Kazuri’s Cover Me In Sunshine. I will co-own her with Maria from Starfall Samoyds.

Nutmeg (yet to be named) will be moving to live with his 1/2 brother with the Miller family

Ginger is now known as Crosby – Kazuri’s Answered Prayer and will be living with his mother Vixen who is retiring and the Neuenschwander family in Oregon

Clove who is staying at Kazuri and his now going to be called Aspen – Kazuri’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

The cavalier babies venture outside.

The cavalier babies are big enough to go outside, but it has been a bit cold and rainy. Today we had a break in the rain and so we took them outside for their first garden adventure.

They had a lot of fun and especially enjoyed being with the other big dogs but only lasted about 30 minutes before they were shivering and cold so we took them back inside. But all in all it was a successful adventure.

I love these little pumpkins and watching them grow and explore. It’s hard to believe they are 5 weeks old already.

Thank you for your interest in my breeding program. We have an existing waitlist and so these puppies will be spoken for. If you want to be considered for future puppies, please visit my “Puppy page” for details.

The Cavalier babies update

I got Covid-19 this week – thankfully I am vaccinated and so my symptoms have been fairly mild – mostly I have been exhausted and so I have been just in “get the basics done” mode. And so, taking photos got put on the back burner until I felt up to doing it.

The babies are growing like beautiful little weeds – they are stronger and playing together. They are running and wrestling and growling and have definitely found their sweet little voices barking with delight when I bring their meals. They LOVE food 🙂 It’s good. They are eating 3 meals a day now and only nursing a few times a day – Charlotte is enjoying becoming more of a playmate than a mommy.

Enjoy their latest photos.




Thank you for your interest in my breeding program. We have an existing waitlist and so these puppies will be spoken for. If you want to be considered for future puppies, please visit my “Puppy page” for details.

2021 in review – what a year!

As the New Year begins, I can’t help but reflect at what an incredible year 2021 was for Kazuri.

Here is what we achieved in the ring:

New Beagle Champion: Nick – MBIS MBISS GCHG Kazuri’s All I Want For Christmas CGC TKN

(CH Hailstorms Feeling A Little Foxy At Kazuri TKN X CH Malarky In Good Company)

He went on to finish the year as the #1 15 inch beagle (All Breed), top 10 hound, top 100 All Breeds, with 4 Best in Shows, 5 Best in Specialties, 3 Reserve Best In Shows, an Award of Merit at the Beagle National, 70 Group placements including 21 Group 1s. It was a year to remember!

New Beagle Champion: Echo – CH Kazuri’s Feeling the Siren’s Call

(CH Hailstorms Feeling A Little Foxy At Kazuri TKN X CH Malarky In Good Company)

New Beagle Champion: Rosie – CH Kazuri’s Everything’s Coming Up Roses

(CH Foxtail’s Dreaming of The Race X GCH Meadow Crest To Sir With Love)

New Beagle Champion: Sir – CH Kazuri’s To Sir With Love

(CH Kazuri’s Dreaming of An Emmy X MBIS MBISS CH Kahootz Chase Manhatten)

New Cavalier Champion: James – CH Kaszuri’s East of Eden

(Lockestar Love Struck CGC X CH Verheyn Dustin)

New Beagle Champion: Gordon – CH Kazuri’s Have My Cake & Eat It Too

(CH Foxtail’s Dreaming of The Race X Langrigg The Cake Boss)

New Beagle Champion – Violet – CH Kazuri’s Keeping Up Appearances

(CH Foxtail’s Need For Speed X GCH Starbuck & Manabay Boldly Go Fourth BCAT, ORT, L1V, NW1)

Sirius (Am GCH Can CH Lockestar ‘Cause I’m Up To No Good, RN FDC RATM RATNX RATO RATM CZ8S CGC CGCA CGCU TKN) attained several Barn hunt titles, his farm dog title and Rally titles with his co-owner Susan Lockleer

(Lockestar Love Struck CGC X Can CH Embee’s Mischief Managed)

Rowan – LoKazuri Star Life is but a Dream RN TKN TKI earned his novice rally title with co-owner Samantha.

(Kinvaar Kiss This X GCH  Truelegance Pistols At Dawn) 

We had a 1 cavalier litter and 3 beagle litters this year. I am so thankful to the breeders that let us use their stud dogs and allow their breeding programs be part of mine. I am so excited to see what the future might hold for our youngsters.

We also made many families very happy by placing our non keepers in loving homes expanding the “Kazuri” family. We are so happy to welcome each and every one of you and thank you for caring and loving our dogs so well. We are so grateful. <3

I wanted to say that we can’t do any of this alone – I am thankful to my village (I am so sorry if I forget to mention anyone specifically). I am so thankful to my co-owners/breeders in beagles Mike and Karen Kurtzner, and to my co-owners in cavaliers Susan and Alisha Lockleer. I am so thankful to Mike and Karen for handling Nick so beautifully plus many of my beagles to CH titles, but also to Tammie Wilcox, Jennifer Bell, Serena Soares, Sarah Yates and Cheyenne Calvert for the role you played in showing, transporting and finishing dogs for me. And thank you to new beagle breeding partner Chelsea Metteer – it was so fun to have a litter with you.

Bring on 2022!!