Cavalier puppies are 7 weeks old

The cavalier puppies are thriving – they are playful and fun, eating like perfect little monsters three times a day and snuggling up a storm whenever they find a warm lap that will accommodate them. They are definitely cavaliers 🙂

They love playing outdoors and we got outside in between the rain showers this week.  I think they must be teething a little as the acorns outside took quite a beating with their tiny dinosaur teethies. 🙂  Better than my fingers i guess. 🙂

My breeding partners, Susan and Alisha from Lockestar cavaliers did an initial grading this week to see who might be staying at Kazuri/Lockestar for showing.  It is going to be a hard choice we can tell.  We will do our final grading on the 30th when they are 8 weeks, along with Mia from Zelosia Cavaliers (owner of the stud we used on Arrow’s litter).  Stay tuned 🙂

Till then, enjoy the latest pictures of the babies.  They are growing up.  Dont mind their crazy hair – they had just eaten lunch so we hadn’t cleaned them up before having a play time.  Can you tell who is who still?

  Victor Ava Benji Pip Mistletoe   Minnie Pumpkin Jazz   Nemo

The cavalier puppies are 6 weeks

The cavalier pups are 6 weeks old.

First of all, I need to apologize for the obnoxious watermark across the images.  I found my images have been stolen and so I need to come up with a new way to deter people from taking them.  I’m not sure this is it…but its a work in progress…  So sorry…

Anyway, on to happier things.   The babies are too busy for photos now – they just want to play and jump and explore. And who could blame them – there is a giant world out there after all.

Their play pen now has a tunnel and a teeter board.  They are getting fairly proficient at using the litter box.  They come when I call “puppy” and their tails wag like little propellers.

Their personalities are definitely emerging.  We have a couple who are more bold and a few who are quieter.  But all are love bugs just as cavaliers should be.  <3  how we are ever going to let them go, I dont know.

The cavalier puppies turn 5 weeks and venture outdoors

For their 5 week anniversary, we gave the cavalier puppies a trip to the great outdoors  (ie our yard)  🙂   They were not really sure what to make of it and really just chewed on the plants around them. But, there wasn’t too much squeaking so I will call that a win for a positive experience 🙂

In fact a couple of them even fell asleep – I could tell they were super stressed by the whole thing – HA! Not 🙂

Everyone is thriving and happy.

Enjoy the new pictures  xo

Nemo – now 1lb 15oz

Ava – now 2 lb 3.4 oz

Jazz – now 1 lb 14.8oz

Benji – now 2lb 3.8oz

Mistletoe – now 2lb 1.8oz

Pip – now 1lb 6.8oz

Pumpkin – 1lb 10.4oz

Minnie – now 2 lb 1.7oz

Victor – 1lb 15oz