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Brie welcomes her new babies into the world

Brie (Hailstorm’s Allouette) usually lives with Mike and Karen in Tennessee, but with Karen having surgery they asked if she could whelp here in WA. She is a maiden at 6 years old and was bred by them, but of course I am happy to help out. She is closely related to my dogs and Emmy’s BFF so they will be “sister moms” together whelping so closely.

This is the pedigree of the litter for those interested:

She went into labor late Monday night and then labored Tuesday. It wasn’t till Tuesday evening that we really started to see things start to transition. She started to squat to pee a lot so we knew the sensation of pressure was starting to get more intense in the evening and so we kept her isolated and away from the other dogs

Her first baby was born at 10:45. A big bonnie boy – he got a little stuck but we got it out. He was 9.28oz

Just over an hour later, she started to push again.

I was delighted to see our blue streak had been broken with a girl – 9.49oz

We then had a big gap. Brie was relaxed. I took her to go bathroom, and she pottied and she settled in with her 2 babies. Occasionally she would get up and move around but it felt more like she was moving a baby down than pushing. I kept checking on the dopplar and heartbeats were a steady 220ish so that was good. It took everything inside me not to be panicking that something was wrong. Around 4am she starting pushing again. Brie pushed out a giant girl – 10.97oz – this one was a dry birth making it extra hard and so i had to help her a lot. The poor baby had a purple face for quite a while. But she was okay.

Our last baby was another girl, born just before 5am. She was 8.78oz. Her birth was textbook and easy and I was grateful.

Brie has settled into motherhood beautifully. She fiercely loves her babies and cleans them and cuddles them. I am grateful.

Back to back Best In Show

What a weekend to remember for Nick

At the Pensacola Florida shows, Nick wins Back to Back Best In Shows for his 6th and 7th BIS wins.

On Saturday we are thankful to judges Mrs Vikki L Abbot for the Variety win, to judge Ms. Jocelyne Gagne for the Hound group win and to judge Mr Gary L Anderson for the Best In Show.

On Sunday we are thankful to judge Mr Gary L Anderson for the Hound Group win and to judge Ms. Jocelyne Gagne for the Variety win and his Best In Show win.

Nick is MBIS MBISS MRBIS GCHG Kazuri’s All I Want For Christmas CGC TKN. The USA #1 15 inch beagle (Breed and All Breed) and #2 Hound.

He was bred by and is co-owned by Sarah Sweetman (Kazuri) and Mike and Karen Kurtzner.

Vixen’s beagle babies are 4 weeks

Vixen and Bob’s little babies are not so little anymore. They are playing more and more and loving the variety of toys we get out for them each day – they are getting more proficient at the mini slide/stair set and wobble board and I think the cat tunnel is their most prized possession 🙂

They are eating 3 times a day and Vixen sees them more as playmates now – she really doesn’t want to nurse them and only does so for a min or two – those needle teeth sure are getting to her. But she cleans them and plays with them and is the ever attentive mother. I couldn’t ask for more at this stage.

Enjoy these photos of their first adventure outdoors. We had an afternoon where it wasn’t too cold so we made the most of it for a quick 20 min play outside before coming back inside.

Cinimon (Girl)

Nutmeg (Boy 1)

Ginger (Boy 2)

Clove (Boy 3)

Thank you for your interest in my breeding program. We have an existing waitlist and so these puppies will be spoken for. If you want to be considered for future puppies, please visit my “Puppy page” for details.

Vixen and Bob’s beagle pups are 3 weeks old

Vixen’s pups are growing like weeds – fat little sausages might be a better description. They spend most of the day sleeping. Over the last few days they have started to try and play together, but i think their favorite thing is to sleep in a puddle pile together.

I love this stage. 🙂 They are so cuddly and sweet.

This week we are going to introduce solids and the potty box – wish us luck 🙂 Just kidding – i have found it to be wonderfully successful.

Enjoy the 3-week photos of the babies.





Thank you for your interest in my breeding program. We have an existing waitlist and so these puppies will be spoken for. If you want to be considered for future puppies, please visit my “Puppy page” for details.

Charlotte has her puppies

I am thrilled to announce the safe arrival of Charlotte’s puppies to Christopher (CH Lockestar Hundred Acre Wood).

Since she had such a long drawn out labor last time, we decided to do a scheduled c-section. The days leading up to her birth were spent at the vets office doing reverse progesterone, determining whether it was the right day or not. I appreciate Dr Thoreson from Klahaya Animal Hospital so much – for his care and caution keeping my girls and puppies so safe.

Surgery went smoothly. We got 3 healthy babies – 2 boys and a girl. All blenheims. They were a little sleepy at first from the anesthetic, but we got them nursing a little before we left the clinic.

I cant wait to watch them grow <3

Rosie’s beagle pups are 2 weeks old

The beagle pups are thriving under Rosie’s care. She makes them want for nothing and it is such a pleasure to pick them up with have their full bellies and chubby legs and have them yawn with laziness and they have nothing to do but grow and sleep.

We had two start opening their eyes this week – Boy 1 and boy 4 – the others have tiny slits so we know it wont be long before we see their eyes too, but they are certianly in no hurry to grow up – maybe I should have named them after the “lost boys” from Peter Pan who never wanted to grow up. 😛 HAHA.

I am loving this unexpected blessing of raising these precious little souls. Their daddy Nick won Reserve Best In Show today on their 2 week birthday <3

Enjoy their latest pictures taken today. Please remember that no pet pups are available at this time as we are going to take our time assessing this litter very carefully and may end up growing several up. Thank you for your understanding.

Ruby – now 1b 2.06

Mick – now 1lb 3.8oz

Keith – 1lb 4.0oz

Ronnie – now 1lb 3.9oz

Charlie – now 2lb 1.2oz (yes he is a chunk)

Rosie & Nick’s beagle babies turn 1 week

Rosie and Nick’s 5 sweet beagle babies are growing well – they are healthy and strong and chubby. Rosie is a wonderful momma – she keeps them immaculate and clean and very well fed.

I have decided to call this litter after the Rolling Stones. Our family have been enjoying some of their old school tunes lately and it seemed fitting. These will just be their temporary blog names – we will name them properly later when we decide who our “keeper/s” are. But for now, enjoy the “Rolling Stones”.

Ruby – after Ruby Tuesday. Was 7.27oz, now 12.91oz

Mick – after Mick Jagger – was 7.7oz, now 15.03oz

Keith – after Keith Richards – was 8.64oz now 14.96oz

Ronnie – after Ronnie Wood – was 8.27oz, now 14.36oz

Charlie – after Charlie Watts – was 10.97, now 20.95oz (or 1lb 4.95oz)

Thank you for your interest in these puppies but at this time we are not promising any pet pups – we are waiting to see what they look like and we will decide closer to 7 weeks or so depending on their structure and movement. we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Rosie gives birth

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you make the most of it.

My co-owners, Mike and Karen, have one of my girls Rosie living with them in TN. We planned to breed Rosie to Nick, our #1 15 inch boy. The breeding took and we anticipated puppies early October.

Unfortunately their daughter, who they live with, got sick and needed to be hospitalized. Whelping Rosie was no longer an option and so Rosie flew home from the National with me to WA. Luckily Rosie has such an easy going nature – nothing bothers her and flying didn’t either.

To make matters more complicated, our family had a pre-planned trip out of town, the weekend she was due – a trip we never would have booked if we had known.

So, i got a treasured and very dog experienced friend to watch my dogs for the weekend. I had her take Rosie to the vet each day for a reverse progesterone draw (if the number is under 2 a c-section is safe to do). Rosie had other ideas and by Friday was still not ready. With my 2 repro vets both out of town, we knew she would have to go naturally. I called a cavalier breeder friend of mine and asked if she would be willing to be on call and thankfully she agreed. So, I felt some comfort knowing that if she went into labor while I was still away that she was in experienced hands.

Saturday morning Rosie started showing some signs of early labor and by mid day she was most definitely in stage 1. I knew I wouldn’t be making it home to see them arrive on Sunday. Around 7:30pm Saturday night, my cavalier breeder friend Susan arrived to support Michelle, and they watched Rosie as she rested, dug, re-position herself and prepared herself for babies. I was super grateful for my “ring” camera so I could log in and see what was going on at very regular basis.

About 11:10pm, I logged into my Ring to watch Rosie pushing and watched the first baby being born. A little girl – flashy white markings just like her momma! She was 7.27oz and perfect.

Baby number 2 came quickly after – about 15 mins later – a baby boy – 7.7oz

Rosie seemed to be on a roll. As soon as the 2 others were dried off and cleaned up, she started pushing again and within 10 mins she had another baby boy. This one was 8.25oz

In true Rosie style, she seemed to want to have them all by midnight, and just before 12, she popped out her 3rd baby boy.

We celebrated. I cried a little because I wasn’t there in person, but grateful it all went well – and cried happy tears that they arrived safe and sound. There wasn’t much more for me to do so i hopped offline and went to sleep.

I woke up in the morning to a message that Rosie had a bonus baby #5 – another boy – 10.97oz – a giant boy. He took an hour to get into position and got stuck on the way out, but thanks to Susan and Michelle he was born safely and is perfectly fine.

So, we ended up with 5 beautiful babies. We feel so blessed that they all arrived safe and sound. I couldn’t wait to meet them only a mere few hours later when i got home. <3 I am so thankful to Michelle and Susan <3