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Paris and James’s puppies are 5 weeks

With Paris’ puppies staying here, of course I couldn’t resist but to take photos of them. They have grown so much since I last saw them and they are just the sweetest. I have loved getting daily snuggles with them, along with Arrow’s 4. I dont know how I will ever be able to say goodbye again next weekend.

Enjoy the lastest pictures of them at 5.5 weeks 🙂

Blenheim girl 1

Tri boy 1

Blenheim girl 2

Tri boy 2

Blenheim boy 1

Tri girl 1

Please note that we are a small, family hobby cavalier king Charles spaniel breeder here in Woodinville which is just north of Seattle, Washington. While these puppies might already be sold, we are taking names for future puppies we have planned. We also have a network of other breeders that we are connected to, so if we dont have a puppy for you, we would be happy to connect you to someone else who might have a perfect furry companion for you.

Truman gets his cGC award and a 3rd placement

We are so proud of our little Truman – today at the Nationals, placed 3rd in a huge competitive 6 to 9mo puppy class at the 25th anniversary ACKCSC Nationals! He is sired by Mia Lawson‘s boy GCH Orchard Hill True Enough – “Blake” and out of my girl LockeStar Love Struck, CGC – “Arrow”.

He then went on to get his Good Canine Citizen Award – so he now gets to put CGC behind his name 🙂 Good boy Tru for proving you can be the good boy we already knew you to be.

Beagle puppies are 4 days old

The beagle puppies are thriving under Maddy’s tender loving care.  Her milk came in fast and not one lost any weight.

They all lined up tonight at the edge of the crate and I couldn’t resist taking a couple of photos.

<3 how can you not be in love??

aa aaf

B’s first weekend as a Jr Handler

B and Sirius debut’ed this weekend as a Jr Handler.

She walked and worked with him with confidence and it looked like they had been a team for months not weeks.  to say we were so proud of them was an understatement.  I think these two have a bright future ahead of them.

file-1 file-3

Sirius gets his first points from the Bred By

Sirius got his first points from the “Bred By” class at the Puyallup Kennel Club under judge Dee Hyde.

Momma Arrow got Reserve in a very competitive bitch class and so we have much to be proud of with our black n tan kids this weekend.

Well done Arrow and Sirius!


Ocean Shores

B and I took Sirius to Ocean shores on our “girls weekend” away so she could practice her moves for her first junior handling events at the COPS (Cavaliers of Puget Sound) dog show.  They actually make a wonderful team and I cant wait to see them in the ring next week.,file-3zz file1-1qq



Meet Vixen ~ our newest beagle

Meet Vixen “Hailstorms Feeling a Little Foxy at Kazuri” ~ daughter of Mia.  She was our keeper puppy from the litter born at Christmas and raised in California with co-owner and breeders Mike and Karen.  We have brought her to Seattle to live and so we can show her.  She is sweet and cuddly and still very small.  It looks like she might stay a 13 – only time will tell.


Sirius gets Best Puppy

We are very proud of our little man, “Lockestar “Cause I’m Up to No Good of Kaszuri”  aka Sirius   for getting Best puppy in Show Under the esteemed breeder judge Katie Sloan at the Twin City Specialty show

Well done to Sirius and co-breeder and co-owner Alisha for showing him!!   This young boy makes us so proudsirius best puppy