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Madison’s pups – a few days on

Since it was so touch and go after birth, I am happy to announce that it seems we are out of the woods now – the babies are all thriving and putting on weight and I think they will all make it. The vets said that if they made it through day 3, they would be okay.

So, I took more photos today 🙂 The first 8 photos are the four girls and then the last 2 photos are the boy. <3

Vixen’s puppies are 3 weeks

Vixen’s puppies are so adorable and 3 weeks old already. They are a stark contrast to Madison’s new puppies and how teeny they are! They are now walking proficiently, and eating 2 mini meals a day (soon to be 3) and starting to growl and play. It is so fun to watch them becoming tiny dogs.

Please excuse the photos this week – I interrupted naptime and nursing time for photos and so they were very sleepy 😛 LOL – I will do better next week!






Madison and walter welcome their babies into the world

In the wee hours of this morning, Madison started birthing her litter. She went into labor on Sunday evening, and so I figured that we would see puppies sometime that night or Monday morning.

Things were taking longer than I normally expected them to. The first baby was big for a beagle, but not the biggest baby Madison has ever had. However, she showed signs of distress as she had meconium in her sac. This concerned me greatly as I knew that if she breathed any in or ingested any, her little organs could fail. I was encouraged to see she was vigorous and that was a good sign. She was 10.3 oz

Baby number 2 took another 2 hours to arrive – Madison pushed for over an hour on and off. I took her for a walk, and I started to get nervous and wonder if I should take her in for a C-section. Things were really not progressing the way I thought they should. At this time, my mom was with me – we prayed and Maddy started pushing hard. I sat with her, massaging her back and opening up her pelvis – I couldn’t help but wonder if this baby was big. Well, it was. It was big and unfortunately had passed away in the uterus at least 24 hours ago and her placenta was deteriorated. It explained the long labor (lack of hormones for labor) and the hard time Maddy was having.

Now Maddy started having babies quickly. within 10 minutes she had a 3rd girl – this time alive – 9.3oz. Again with meconium in her sack, but vigorous and pink.

Twenty minutes later, another little girl made her entrance into the world. 9.5oz. Again – the meconium – we were prepared and got the sack off her right away.

Fourteen minutes later, a little boy appeared – 10.5oz. Another healthy puppy – much to be rejoicing about!

Then Madison took a break for about 40 mins and then her final baby girl arrived safely into the world. 10.0oz. One again – meconium in her sack, but lively and bright.

The scary thing about having meconium in their sacks is that if they breathed it in, or ingested it, their little organs can just start shutting down and they can die.

So, I have given them Fresh Plasma, and will be putting them on clavamox (as per the vets instructions) to help as much as I can and pray that they survive.

They say “breeding is not for the faint of heart” – and that is the truth. People who do it well, pour their heart and soul into each litter. We bleed when they do, we rejoice when they do, we stay up night after night with the pups and momma. But it’s so worth it 🙂

Vixen’s babies are 2 weeks old

I was travelling last week and so wasn’t able to post “one week” photos – my cavalier breeding partner looked after them. I couldn’t believe how much they grew in a week!

I have also given them little temporary names. My friend Sarah Yates gave me the inspiration of “Christmas in July” since Vixen was born on Christmas Eve, and I have been waiting for this litter for 2 years, it feels like Christmas 🙂 I loved it. SO – introducing them to you. <3

Holly – the smallest of the pack – now 1lb 2.4oz

Eve – now 1lb 9.5oz

Kris – now 1lb 7.4oz

Noelle – Now 1lb 6.4oz

Nick – 1lb 9.9oz

We welcome new beagle puppies – Vixen is a mom

In the early hours of Monday the 29th, after a very long day and night of labor, Vixen started giving birth.

Vixen is an amazing mom. After she was done, she got straight to loving on them, cleaning them and nursing. Her instincts are so strong.

Puppy #1 was a little girl – 8.2 oz at 7:34am. She took a long time to be born and caused a bit of pain as her placenta wouldn’t come away and so I had to intervene and cut her free. I am thankful she is alive and thriving.

Puppy #2 was a little boy – 8.3oz at 8:01am. He was born quickly and without any trouble at all.

Baby #3 was another girl – a 9.1 oz tri who unfortunately got stuck at the head/shoulders. It took me and my son 20 mins to gently and firmly pull her free without hurting Vixen, but by the time she was out, she had suffocated. It was very upsetting and a deeply felt loss. This was around 9:10

We decided at this point that 2/3 puppies had gotten stuck, and I didnt want to take another chance. We put Vix and the pups in the car and headed to the vet for a C-section. Thank you to Dr Donna Sowder at Animal Hospital at Murphy’s Corner for being available to us!

While en route, another baby was born in the car – my son (14) whelped her for me. What a champ! 8.1 oz at 9:39am.

When we arrived at the vet, they decided we should try to have the other 2 naturally, and if we needed to have surgery, they would do that immediately. Vixen was given a shot of Oxy and we waited in the “quiet room”.

At 10:04 another little girl arrived. 8.5oz. Uneventful and easy birth. We were on the right track.

The final puppy born was another boy – he was 8.6oz and born at 11.10am. He took a bit of time as he was big, but didnt get stuck (thankfully).

After a quick x-ray to make sure that we were indeed finished, we headed home. Vixen settled in and she was happy.

These puppies are all spoken for. <3

Allie gets her 2nd major!

I am so proud that after a reserve win to a major, Miss Allie won her 2nd Major win under Hound specialist Mrs Azalea Alvarez at the Coeur d’Alene dog show this weekend. She was piloted by Emma Adams, a wonderful Jr Handler who will be showing her at some of the hound specialties over the Summer as she tries to qualify for Westminster this year. I am so proud of you both!

Allie wins her first major

After getting 2 Reserve wins on Friday and Saturday, Allie won winners bitch and Best of Opposite on Sunday under judge Mrs
Christie Martinez for her first points and first major. I am very proud of my little girl – this was her first weekend ever going into the ring. She had a steep learning curve, learning what was expected on the table, how to show her bite, and how to stack on the ground. All within a week or so of landing in the USA.

I am very proud of this little girl. She has some growing up to do, but I think she will also be a valuable part of my breeding program moving forward.

Beagle pups are 9 weeks ~ final post before we say goodbye

This will be the final post of all the pups together as we will say goodbye to most of the litter later this week as they will be off to their forever homes.

Its bittersweet….

One or two of the boys will stay with co-breeders Mike and Karen to grow up and see if they will become show dogs.  But everyone else will be loved companions.  We are thankful to each incredible family who is adopting these guys.  We know they are so lucky to be going home with you.