Puddin’ (aka. Australian CH Karakush The Proof Is In The Puddin)

DOB: Nov 11 2015

Puddin is a sweet, happy go lucky girl who loves nothing more than a good game of chase, or a lay in the sunshine.

I have been a huge fan of a kennel in Australia called Karakush for a long time owned by Leigh and Helen Gibson. The consistency in their breeding program, and quality of their dogs is something to aspire to. I used one of their boys Buddy (aka “Langrigg The Cake Boss”) for my last breeding to Madison and was not disappointed.

A short time ago, a good friend of mine, Chelsea from Van Mar Beagles contacted me. She had been given the opportunity to import and own Puddin’. She called to ask if I would be interested in owning her with her. It was a no brainer for me – of course I said YES! I am SO thankful to Chelsea for her generosity for allowing me to co-own Puddin’ and I know she will add something wonderful to both of our programs. Puddin’ is a 1/2 sister to Charity, whom we co-own together, so it seems like a wonderful extension of that for both of us.

I also want to take the time to sincerely thank Leigh and Helen for giving us the opportunity of adding one of their lovely girls to my breeding program.

As Chelsea said, “I am reminded that is truly takes a village to create a successful breeding program. I am so grateful to all the breeders behind all my dogs and the fact they are so generous to share a piece of their success with me. They have become cherished friends and I will never forget their generosity and willingness to allow a fellow breeder produce good dogs.”. I believe those sentiments wholeheartedly. <3

We do not plan to show Pud here in the USA – she easily achieved her CH title in Australia and while we could probably show her again here, she is 5 and deserves to have her final litter (or litters) and retire on the couch for good. So, that is what we will do.

Health Clearances:   MLS clear,    NCCD clear,    Factor 7 clear,   PRA carrier, PKD clear, doesn’t carry Glaucoma, MFN2 neg, doesn’t carry gene for Brittle bone disease, CUBN Exon 8 neg,   

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