Beagle puppies turn 2 weeks ~ Woodinville Seattle WA AKC Beagle

Maddy’s beagle puppies are 2 weeks today and continuing to thrive. They are getting bigger daily and now all have their eyes open. They are not strong enough to walk yet, but are blobbing around on their bellies.
Current weights are:
Girl 1 2 lb 6.5oz
Girl 2 2 lb 7oz
Boy 1 2 lb 12 oz
Boy 2 2 lb 6.2oz
we are surprised that boy 2 is now the smallest, but with steady growth we aren’t concerned that there is anything wrong. Enjoy their latest pictures 🙂
seattle beagle wa -1 girl 2seattle beagle wa -2 girl 2 & girl 1seattle beagle wa -3 girl 2 & girl 1seattle beagle wa -4 girl 1seattle beagle wa -5 Boy 1seattle beagle wa -6 Boy 1 & boy 2seattle beagle wa -7 Boy 2

MRI Health Testing on Arrow ~ the results are in

As you know, health testing is just as important to me (as a breeder) as beauty and temperament.  I take my job as a breeder seriously, and I believe that if I am going to add dogs to the world, I want it to be done so with careful thought.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can have issues with SM (Syringomyelia) in their brain.   The only way to detect it is with a MRI.  So Alisha and I decided that we wanted to scan Arrow before we bred her.    We flew her up to the amazing team at Thames Valley Veterinary Services in Ontario Canada.

I am so glad we did – no SM was detected in her brain at all – what a wonderful health clearance we have!!!   Now, on to breeding her 🙂

arrow MRI

Beagle Puppies ~ 1 week ~ Woodinville Seattle AKC beagle

Happy one week Birthday to our sweet beagle babies.  They are growing so fast – everyone is well over a pound.  This week we will enjoy seeing their eyes open and them start to move around a little more.

Enjoy their newest pictures 🙂

1 week-1 boy 21 week-2 girl 21 week-3girl 11 week-4boy 11 week-5 boy 1 boy 2 girl 21 week-6 1 week-7 1 week-8 1 week-9 1 week-10 1 week-11 1 week-12 1 week-13girl 1 boy 2

Beagle Puppy Report ~ 3 days new

The puppies are all thriving – Maddy is proving to be just what we thought she would be – an amazing momma.  Her milk came in right away and the puppies are putting on loads of weight.

Girl 1 – 10.2 oz at birth – she is now 14.7oz                                                     Girl 2 – 10.9 oz at birth – she is now 14.9oz                                                    Boy 1 – 11.4oz at birth – he is now 15.3 oz                                                                Boy 2 – 10.9 oz at birth – he is now 15.9oz

I took a few quick pictures of them today while Maddy was out on a potty break – now you can get a better idea of what they look like 🙂

3 days-1 Girl 13 days-2 3 days-3 3 days-4 Girl 23 days-5 3 days-6 3 days-7 Boy 13 days-8 3 days-9 3 days-10 Boy 23 days-11 3 days-12 3 days-13 3 days-14 3 days-16 3 days-17 3 days-20 3 days-21 3 days-22 3 days-23 3 days-25 3 days-26 3 days-27

Puppies are here

With nothing really happening last night, we decided to go to bed.  I got up every 2 hours to check on her.  While restless, nothing much was happening.

This morning, she woke me up around 6am, and wouldn’t let me out of her sight.  Around 8:45 she started pushing and by 8:58 we had our first baby born safe and sound.  10.2 oz baby girl.

After a quick rest, she gave birth to another girl at 9:31 – this one was a little bigger at 10.9oz.

She rested again and with no assistance whelped her first son – all 11.4 oz of him, at 10:15.

Her fourth and final baby was born at 11:16 – another little boy – 10.9oz.    Yep – 4 puppies in 2 hours and 18 minutes – what a rockstar!

Maddy is a natural momma and she and the pups are dong so well already.  I have to resist the urge to go and pick them up all the time.

I am very excited to see them grow up 🙂

 kauri beagle puppy Seattle woodinville

beagle puppy wa kauri beagle puppy Seattle woodinville

D-Day has arrived – Puppies are on the way

One of the first signs that whelping is imminent is to have a sudden drop in temperature.  I temperature check morning and night from day 58.  I dont want any surprise deliveries.

Maddy’s temperature dropped this morning – she is hanging out with me and in her puppy pen.  Although when I locked her in there, this was her face.  Mommy’s girl do you think?  Ha!

Cant wait to make the announcement of their safe arrival sometime soon 🙂


Watching…waiting….a watched pot never boils over right?

She’s sleeping a lot right now and we are glad to let her do it.  The puppies are all well formed and now just waiting for the right time to be born.  Today marks day 60 since ovation or 59 days since her first breeding.  Dogs can whelp from day 58 – 64 so we are confident there will be puppies sometime this week.

We are taking Maddy’s temperature daily – when it drops from 99 – 101 to below 98 we know that there will be babies on the way soon.

I’ll be in touch with the happy news 🙂


Beagle Puppy Xray

About a week before whelping, I like to do an xray to get an idea of how many beagle puppies we are expecting. That way, if labor stops and you know there is a puppy or two left, we can call for help and intervention (if need be)

We did a top view and side view. You can see the little skeletons – they kind of look like little lizards don’t they 🙂

From the top view, we can clearly see 4 – two on each side. From the side view, it almost looks like a 5th is tucked up by her leg. Or maybe that’s just a shadow. Either way, we are excited that there will be 4-5 puppies coming soon.
Of course, we need to get them safely into the world – so much can go wrong, and so we are hoping and praying for a safe delivery of all of them, no matter how many or few there are.

Maddy VD 12957374_10208961606707673_1744094280_n red 12957374_10208961606707673_1744094280_n