Beagle puppies turn 2 weeks ~ Woodinville Seattle WA AKC Beagle

Maddy’s beagle puppies are 2 weeks today and continuing to thrive. They are getting bigger daily and now all have their eyes open. They are not strong enough to walk yet, but are blobbing around on their bellies.
Current weights are:
Girl 1 2 lb 6.5oz
Girl 2 2 lb 7oz
Boy 1 2 lb 12 oz
Boy 2 2 lb 6.2oz
we are surprised that boy 2 is now the smallest, but with steady growth we aren’t concerned that there is anything wrong. Enjoy their latest pictures 🙂
seattle beagle wa -1 girl 2seattle beagle wa -2 girl 2 & girl 1seattle beagle wa -3 girl 2 & girl 1seattle beagle wa -4 girl 1seattle beagle wa -5 Boy 1seattle beagle wa -6 Boy 1 & boy 2seattle beagle wa -7 Boy 2