Beagle Puppies ~ 3 weeks ~ Woodinville Seattle WA AKC

The babies are 3 weeks today – they are all a little more mobile and starting to potty themselves so we started introducing the potty training box.  They have used a little so that’s a great start.

They ate food for the first time yesterday – they were a little confused, but I am sure they will start to get the hang of it.

They are growing well – little chunky monkeys 🙂

Girl 1 – 3 lb 2.6oz

Girl 2 – 3lb 3.4 oz

Boy 1 – 3lb 9.3oz

Boy 2 – 3lb 3.6oz

Enjoy these latest pictures of them 🙂

beagle seattle akc-1 boy 1beagle seattle akc-2 boy 1beagle seattle akc-3 boy 2beagle seattle akc-4 girl 2 beagle seattle akc-5 girl 1beagle seattle akc-6  girl 1beagle seattle akc-7 boy 2beagle seattle akc-8 girl 2


One thought on “Beagle Puppies ~ 3 weeks ~ Woodinville Seattle WA AKC”

  1. Dear Sarah,
    We Butorac’s are smitten with these adorable pups. Thanks for posting every week. We would love to visit the puppies and meet you when the time is right. A drive to Woodenville isn’t too far. We – husband, two grown sons and two grandkids are all contributing to our list of beagle boy names. Hopefully one of yours will be the right one for our family.
    Thanks, Lynda

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