Arrow (aka.  Lockestar Love Struck GCC)

DOB: June 7 2014

Arrow is  a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  She was the beloved pet of our daughter and the start of our cavalier breeding program.  We will forever be thankful to her for the generations she provided us here at Kazuri. We are so thankful to LockeStar cavaliers in Lynwood for trusting us with her.

Arrow is now spayed and retired on the couch with the Robinson family – living her best life in luxury being pampered and adored with her new brother Wrigley. <3

Arrow has had three litters for us and we kept three sons – Sirius, James & Truman.  Watch for them in the show ring!  I also kept a daughter from her final litter, Phoenix.

Sirius is now GCH Lockestar ‘Cause I’m Up To No Good CGCA UCGC TKN RATI.

Health clearances: EF/CCS negative, SM & CM clear *by MRI* at 2 years old.

Her CHIC number IS 124552.  Her DNA profile is V786722.

OFA heart – KCS-ACA341/41F-VPI  (CLEAR NOV 2017) and again NOV 2018 and cleared again May 2019 just before her 5th birthday

OFA Patellas – KCS-EL748F39-PI  (NORMAL NOV 2017)

OFA HIPS – KCS-6706G39F-PI (GOOD NOV 2017)

OFA EYES – KCS-EYE1640/29F-VPI  – Eyes cleared again Oct 2018 KCS-EYE1640/52F-VPI

OFA HEART – KCS-ACA341/58F-VPI (APRIL 29 2019 – Just 1 month shy of her 5th birthday)

For interest sake, her son Winston , full brother to Sirius (Kazuri Commander in Chief) was heart checked in Nov 2017 by echocardiogram and cleared of any heart defects.  His OFA number is KCS-ACA751/16M-VPI.  Their other brother, Mochi (Lockestar Mochi) was also heart cleared by echocardiogram in June of 2018.  We did not submit his results to OFA but have them.





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