All information is held strictest confidence. This information is used to see if a beagle or cavalier is right for you, and to help match the best puppy to your family.

Please know that because I have a small breeding program and there is normally a 6-12 month wait for a puppy from us. **Right now I am NOT accepting any more applications for waitlist families as my waitlist is full. Please keep an eye on my website/blog if you are interested in one of my puppies specifically, as this could change in the future. But right now, I have more than enough.**

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Which breed are you interested in? Why do you believe this is the right breed for your family?

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Please tell me more about your preferences (if applicable). Color, gender, personality type

Please tell me about your lifestyle – your typical week, your favorite activities etc. The more information you share, the better job I can do matching your puppy/dog to you.

Please tell me about your family. Do you have any children living at home? If so, what are their ages?

Does anyone in your home have allergies?

Do you have any other pets living at home? If so, tell me about them.

Do you rent or own your own home? If you rent, have you already asked if you can bring a dog home?

Does your property have full fencing that is at least 4ft and secure? If not, please tell me your plan to exercise your dog safely

How many hours would your puppy/dog be left alone for in a typical day?

Are you willing to take your puppy to socialization / obedience classes to make it a well mannered dog?

Please tell me about the set up you plan to have to bring your puppy home to. Are you going to crate train? or something else?

Have you ever owned a dog before? Can you tell me about it/them

Have you ever had to re-home a dog before? If so, can you tell me about it.   

Is there anything else you want me to know?

Do you understand that in the event that you can no longer raise a Kazuri dog, at any time, that it is to be returned to Kazuri for proper re-homing without refund.

Beagles and Cavalier King Charles Dogs