All information is held strictest confidence. This information is used to see if a beagle or cavalier is right for you, and to help match the best puppy to your family.

Please know that because I have a small breeding program and there is normally a 6-12 month wait for a puppy from us.

Please note that it could be more or less time depending on how many litters we have, and how many puppies Mother Nature gives us.  Sometimes we get just one and so that means the waiting time is longer than if we get a full litter.  It is for this reason we don’t take deposits for any specific litter.

*Right now I have a full waitlist for cavaliers – it looks like at least 12 months for them, so I am not taking any more names at this time – sorry*

There are TWO steps.

Step 1 is to fill out my questionnaire below.

Step 2 is to send in a deposit contract with non refundable deposit to go on the waitlist.

STEP 1: Please click here for the questionnaire.

STEP 2: Download and send me your deposit contract with payment.

Beagles and Cavalier King Charles Dogs