Emmy welcomes her beagle pups to the world

Emmy usually lives with Mike and Karen in Tennessee, but with Karen having surgery they asked if she could whelp here in WA. Since she was born here herself, it seemed only fitting that she had her final litter with me.

She had a short first stage – this wasn’t her first litter so that didn’t surprise me. About 11am she showed signs of wanting to push and so we knew she was getting close.

The first pup was born shortly after 12. She didn’t struggle to push him out and he wasn’t big at 7.12oz but he never took a breath. We worked on him for an hour, kept him warm, tried every trick we knew but he just never woke up. We were gutted.

The next baby came around 2pm – another boy. This one was 7.44oz.

A third baby boy arrived around 3pm – 6.91oz.

Emmy quickly settled into her mothering role and loving on her two surviving babies. She is a wonderful mother and we are grateful that they are healthy and strong.


I guess it’s time to make it “Official” 🙂

“Kazuri N Van-Mar Raising The Reef” aka Crush will be staying here at Kazuri (this was formerly Magnus for anyone following the litter on Chelsea’s page).

We will be keeping a close eye on him as he grows. Finding Nemo was one of my favorite movies when it came out, so it was a natural choice for him to go with our ‘beachy’ theme.

We love so much about this puppy – most of all his confidence. Thank you Chelsea for raising such a confident happy little guy. I am so proud of Pud x Nick.

Our eternal thanks to Leigh and Helen for sending sweet Pud to us in the USA. She has added so much to Kazuri – I know Chels feels the same way. Thank you also to Mike and Karen for facilitating the breeding with Nick during the snow storm – we appreciated it so much.

Pictured below at 9 weeks

Our Spencer x Pud pups are doing so well

I have to take a moment to express how proud Chelsea and I are of our Spencer x Puddin babies!

They are now just turned 9 months old and so far 6 of the 8 are pointed or major pointed!

Dutch (owned by Sarah Sweetman and I) 10 points with both majors Harley Quinn (owned by Lisa Young, Jenni Nieft, and Sarah Sweetman) 7 points with both majors

Audrey (owned by Terri Papagni-Carter and Daniel Carter) 4 points with 1 major

Daisy (owned by Sarah Sweetman) 5 singles

Charlie (owned by Jenni Nieft and Lisa Young) 3 singles

Tex (owned by Sarah Sweetman and I) 2 singles

Maddi (owned by Sarah Smith-Falkner) major reserves

All shown very sparingly and loved and owned by a fantastic group of people! We are so blessed 🥰 Looking forward to what the future may hold.

Watson makes a wonderful debut in Lewiston ID

We decided to debut Watson (Kazuri’s Time To Solve A Mystery) at the Lewiston ID cluster as we figured the 4 days would give him a chance to see what this whole “showing” thing was all about.

Well – figure it out, he did. He surprised us all with his success. On Friday he went WD/BOW under judge Mr Larry C Abbott. On Saturday, he went WD/BOW/Best of Variety for a 4 point major under judge Ms Lee Whittier. On Sunday he did it again by going WD/BOW/Best of Variety for a 3 point major under judge Mrs Vicky L Abbott.

What a debut indeed garnering both majors and over half his CH points! Thank you to all of these judges for finding Watson and overlooking his Covid enthusiasm – it is for this reason we hadn’t shown him yet – just wanting him to mature a little 🙂 HAHA.

Watson is the son of my imported girl from Debbie Kerr, “Kiss” (Kinvaar Kiss This TKN) and “Denny” (GCH Covington Designed By Time). Thank you to Heidi Mohn and Carla Mathies for letting me use their sweet boy on my Kissaroo.

Thank you to Tammie John Sommerson-Wilcox and Octavia Stensen for presenting him so beautifully this weekend. And thank you to Megan Hogan and Jeff for letting me borrow “our” boy so he could start on his CH title. I appreciate it so much.

Dutch gets his first points in Albany and Lewiston

Dutch (Van-Mar N Kazuri Brewin’ Up Trouble) had a couple of great weekends at both Albany and Lewiston.

At Albany, on Friday he went Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best of Variety under judge Mr Douglas Johnson. On Saturday he went Winners Dog under judge Mrs Cindy Vogels.

In Lewiston on Friday he went Winners Dog/Best of winners for a 5 point major under judge Mr Jerry M Watson. On Saturday he went winners dog for a 3 point major under judge Mrs Vicki L Abbott.

Dutch has just turned 9 months old this week and has a lot of maturing left to do, but we are proud of him. He has 10 points with both majors under his belt.

Dutch was bred by, and is co-owned by Chelsea Metteer and myself (Sarah Sweetman).Thank you to all the judges that found our boy. And thank you to Sarah Smith-Falkner for caring for Dutch and showing him. Chels is about to go on maternity leave and I was travelling and so couldn’t take him to these shows.

Daisy gets her first points in Lewiston ID

Miss Daisy, Dutch’s “little sister” (only ’cause she is a 13) had a good weekend too in Lewiston (she didnt go to Albany).

While there weren’t as many points to be won in 13s, Daisy (Kazuri N Van-Mar Oops A Daisy Here Comes Trouble) walked away with 3 x Winners B and 3 x Best of Variety wins in Lewiston under judges Mrs Vicki L Abbott, Mrs Pamela B Peat and Mr David J Peat.

Thank you to them for awarding our little lady. Not too bad for her 2nd weekend in the ring. Thank you again to Sarah Smith-Falker for presenting her so beautifully this weekend. Thank you also to the Chamberlin family for looking after Daisy so well and allowing her to go for these weekend trips so she can work on her CH title – we appreciate your support so much. I was travelling and so couldn’t take her to these shows myself.

Nick remains #1 15 inch beagle

The stats are out and we are so thrilled that Nick is still the #1 15 inch beagle in the USA for both Breed and All Breed points.

He is the #5 Hound.

We are so very honored to be counted amongst such beautiful competition both in our own breed and in the hound group.

Nick is MBIS MBISS MRIS GCHG Kazuri’s All I Want For Christmas CGC TKN.

He is bred by and co-owned by Sarah Sweetman, Mike and Karen Kurtzner and exclusively handled by Mike.

Nick is clear of F7, MLS, NCCD, CAT, POAG as well as testing Neg for Laflora. He passed CERF eye and his Echo for his heart. He has an OFA Excellent Hip rating.

We are so thankful to all the judges who have found Nick and awarded him over the last year. We appreciate the support for our team so much.

Thank you also to the amazing team at the The Canine Chronicle for this wonderful Ad published in the March edition.