Watson makes a wonderful debut in Lewiston ID

We decided to debut Watson (Kazuri’s Time To Solve A Mystery) at the Lewiston ID cluster as we figured the 4 days would give him a chance to see what this whole “showing” thing was all about.

Well – figure it out, he did. He surprised us all with his success. On Friday he went WD/BOW under judge Mr Larry C Abbott. On Saturday, he went WD/BOW/Best of Variety for a 4 point major under judge Ms Lee Whittier. On Sunday he did it again by going WD/BOW/Best of Variety for a 3 point major under judge Mrs Vicky L Abbott.

What a debut indeed garnering both majors and over half his CH points! Thank you to all of these judges for finding Watson and overlooking his Covid enthusiasm – it is for this reason we hadn’t shown him yet – just wanting him to mature a little 🙂 HAHA.

Watson is the son of my imported girl from Debbie Kerr, “Kiss” (Kinvaar Kiss This TKN) and “Denny” (GCH Covington Designed By Time). Thank you to Heidi Mohn and Carla Mathies for letting me use their sweet boy on my Kissaroo.

Thank you to Tammie John Sommerson-Wilcox and Octavia Stensen for presenting him so beautifully this weekend. And thank you to Megan Hogan and Jeff for letting me borrow “our” boy so he could start on his CH title. I appreciate it so much.