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Rosie’s beagle pups are 2 weeks old

The beagle pups are thriving under Rosie’s care. She makes them want for nothing and it is such a pleasure to pick them up with have their full bellies and chubby legs and have them yawn with laziness and they have nothing to do but grow and sleep.

We had two start opening their eyes this week – Boy 1 and boy 4 – the others have tiny slits so we know it wont be long before we see their eyes too, but they are certianly in no hurry to grow up – maybe I should have named them after the “lost boys” from Peter Pan who never wanted to grow up. 😛 HAHA.

I am loving this unexpected blessing of raising these precious little souls. Their daddy Nick won Reserve Best In Show today on their 2 week birthday <3

Enjoy their latest pictures taken today. Please remember that no pet pups are available at this time as we are going to take our time assessing this litter very carefully and may end up growing several up. Thank you for your understanding.

Ruby – now 1b 2.06

Mick – now 1lb 3.8oz

Keith – 1lb 4.0oz

Ronnie – now 1lb 3.9oz

Charlie – now 2lb 1.2oz (yes he is a chunk)

Rosie & Nick’s beagle babies turn 1 week

Rosie and Nick’s 5 sweet beagle babies are growing well – they are healthy and strong and chubby. Rosie is a wonderful momma – she keeps them immaculate and clean and very well fed.

I have decided to call this litter after the Rolling Stones. Our family have been enjoying some of their old school tunes lately and it seemed fitting. These will just be their temporary blog names – we will name them properly later when we decide who our “keeper/s” are. But for now, enjoy the “Rolling Stones”.

Ruby – after Ruby Tuesday. Was 7.27oz, now 12.91oz

Mick – after Mick Jagger – was 7.7oz, now 15.03oz

Keith – after Keith Richards – was 8.64oz now 14.96oz

Ronnie – after Ronnie Wood – was 8.27oz, now 14.36oz

Charlie – after Charlie Watts – was 10.97, now 20.95oz (or 1lb 4.95oz)

Thank you for your interest in these puppies but at this time we are not promising any pet pups – we are waiting to see what they look like and we will decide closer to 7 weeks or so depending on their structure and movement. we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Rosie & Nick welcome their babies into the world

We are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of Nick and Rosie’s puppies. This is the 3rd generation of puppies for Kazuri and our first “Kazuri” to “Kazuri” breeding. These are also our first babies from Nick – our superstar and #1 15 inch in the USA dog. So, this is a special litter in so many ways.

Enjoy the first “real” photos of them. Please note that at this time there are no puppies available as pets. We are going to take our time choosing who will stay here at Kazuri. Thank you for your understanding.


Boy 1

Boy 2

Boy 3

Boy 4

Rosie gives birth

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you make the most of it.

My co-owners, Mike and Karen, have one of my girls Rosie living with them in TN. We planned to breed Rosie to Nick, our #1 15 inch boy. The breeding took and we anticipated puppies early October.

Unfortunately their daughter, who they live with, got sick and needed to be hospitalized. Whelping Rosie was no longer an option and so Rosie flew home from the National with me to WA. Luckily Rosie has such an easy going nature – nothing bothers her and flying didn’t either.

To make matters more complicated, our family had a pre-planned trip out of town, the weekend she was due – a trip we never would have booked if we had known.

So, i got a treasured and very dog experienced friend to watch my dogs for the weekend. I had her take Rosie to the vet each day for a reverse progesterone draw (if the number is under 2 a c-section is safe to do). Rosie had other ideas and by Friday was still not ready. With my 2 repro vets both out of town, we knew she would have to go naturally. I called a cavalier breeder friend of mine and asked if she would be willing to be on call and thankfully she agreed. So, I felt some comfort knowing that if she went into labor while I was still away that she was in experienced hands.

Saturday morning Rosie started showing some signs of early labor and by mid day she was most definitely in stage 1. I knew I wouldn’t be making it home to see them arrive on Sunday. Around 7:30pm Saturday night, my cavalier breeder friend Susan arrived to support Michelle, and they watched Rosie as she rested, dug, re-position herself and prepared herself for babies. I was super grateful for my “ring” camera so I could log in and see what was going on at very regular basis.

About 11:10pm, I logged into my Ring to watch Rosie pushing and watched the first baby being born. A little girl – flashy white markings just like her momma! She was 7.27oz and perfect.

Baby number 2 came quickly after – about 15 mins later – a baby boy – 7.7oz

Rosie seemed to be on a roll. As soon as the 2 others were dried off and cleaned up, she started pushing again and within 10 mins she had another baby boy. This one was 8.25oz

In true Rosie style, she seemed to want to have them all by midnight, and just before 12, she popped out her 3rd baby boy.

We celebrated. I cried a little because I wasn’t there in person, but grateful it all went well – and cried happy tears that they arrived safe and sound. There wasn’t much more for me to do so i hopped offline and went to sleep.

I woke up in the morning to a message that Rosie had a bonus baby #5 – another boy – 10.97oz – a giant boy. He took an hour to get into position and got stuck on the way out, but thanks to Susan and Michelle he was born safely and is perfectly fine.

So, we ended up with 5 beautiful babies. We feel so blessed that they all arrived safe and sound. I couldn’t wait to meet them only a mere few hours later when i got home. <3 I am so thankful to Michelle and Susan <3

The 2021 Beagle National

We attended the Beagle National in Wilmington Ohio. I took Madison to play in the Veteran class and Beau to play in the 12-18 month class. I met Mike with Nick to compete with the 76 other 15 inch specials in the Best of Variety competition.

I loved meeting other breeders so so much. It is one thing to know people online – it is quite another to spend time in person chatting, having dinners or lunches 🙂 What an honor 🙂

My dogs did me proud. Beau and Madison showed well for me – I am a novice handler but they did well. Thank you to Jennifer Bell and Cynthia Pamer for taking candid’s of them from around the ring. Madison got 2nd in her class of 11 Veterans (7-10) in Sweeps under breeder judge Lindsay Bryson. Beau got 4th in his class at the NBC of 15 12-18 month olds under breeder judge Heather Lindberg.

Nick (MBIS MBISS MRBIS GCHS Kazuri’s All I Want For Christmas CGC TKN) got an award of merit under breeder judge Heather Lindberg. I was so proud to watch him strut his stuff amongst such beautiful dogs. It had been a difficult week in the lead up to the National with a family medical emergency so Karen couldn’t attend – we weren’t sure if Nick or Mike would be able to go. I was grateful that Mike and Nick were able to make the trip.

Thank you to these judges for finding our beagles in a sea of beautiful hounds. See you all next year in Aldie!

Nick (MBIS MBISS MRBIS GCHS Kazuri’s All I Want For Christmas CGC TKN)

Madison (CH Foxtail’s Dreaming Of The Race)

Beau (Kazuri’s All I Need Is Love And Cake)

Pud & Spencers Pups turn 8 weeks

With the beagle pups turning 8 weeks, it was time to really start to look at them carefully and try and figure out which would be our “keepers” and which might go to show homes.

Jagger (that will not be his long term name). Staying at Van-mar – co-owned by Chelsea and Sarah – Van-Mar/Kazuri

Naomi – will be co-owned with Jenni Neift (OutWest) & Lisa Young (Youngsong beagles)

Suni – staying here at Kazuri

Todd – now called Charlie. Owned by Jenni Neift (OutWest) & Lisa Young (Youngsong)

Bolt – pending

Faith – pending

Tina – now known as Audrey Hepburn and owned by Terri from Danter beagles.

Bronte – Now Penny Lane – loved by her new family

Puddin’s beagle pups are 6 weeks

The weather is thankfully still warm so we have started having daily playtimes outside. The pack loves spending time with them – especially my son’s 13 week old golden Shirley. She adores them and is surprisingly gentle with them.

This week I decided not to do individual photos, but to let you enjoy some pictures of the babies playing in our big back yard yard, and the smaller puppy yard (we have a special small yard if they will be unattended, since we have hawks and eagles, so it’s safer there).

Enjoy – they are at such a fun age 🙂

*Please note that none of these puppies are available at this time. Thank you for understanding. *

Puds beagle pups turn 5 weeks

Pud and Spencer’s beagle pups turned 5 weeks today. They are getting much more confident on their feet and have conquered the slide and play daily “king of the castle” up there.

We are definitely seeing them enjoying exploring their world – they love to climb on top of blankets if we leave them out, or scramble over toys and obstacles that have been left (aka little boxes or teeter totters and such). We love to snuggle them. They are at that sweet age where they play for a short time and then crash and nothing can wake them.

We are letting them have small visits in the garden – they are gaining confidence out there too – its a big world out there with so many new smells and sensations. They really weren’t interested in stopping to take pictures. Oh well. 🙂

I am loving raising this litter – I only wish Chels lived closer so she could join me in all the snuggles too. Videos only show so much.

Enjoy the latest pictures of our precious babies.









Please know that none of these puppies are available at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Pud’s pups turn 3 weeks old

Pud’s pups are growing beautifully. They are still on the smaller side but they amaze me with how active they are, so that might account with some of the lack of chub – they play with each other and the toys around their playpen. Their eyes are completely open and they wake up and toddle over to the side of the pen when they hear my voice. Yes, it’s a little ego boost 🙂 HAHA. Really, it’s just because I bottle fed them and they see me as a quick way to get their belly full 🙂

We are enjoying them so very much. I can’t wait till their little personalities start to emerge a little more.

This week we started solids a little earlier than I normally do – with Pudding’s milk supply not as high as needed, I thought we could support with some baby mush. They love love love their food 🙂 They are not super skilled at eating it, often trying to “nurse” it out of the bowl, but I know that those skills will come with time. But, I am glad they are getting some extra calories.

Their photos tonight were a little rushed – it was dinnertime and they were starving – so not my best work – but enjoy anyway. 🙂









Please note that none of these pups are for sale at this time. thank you for your patience and understanding.