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Arrow’s cavalier babies are 4 weeks old

The cavalier king Charles puppies are growing up and boy are they a barrel of fun now. They are eating food 3 times a day (I think that deserves it’s own post next) and for their 4 week anniversary we took them outside for the first time. The weather around Woodinville has been nice lately – (I know – what is up with the lack of rain Washington? I dont know, but if Seattle keeps being like this, our city will keep exploding with people :P) The babies of course LOVED it – probably too much as it was hard to get a photo of them as they wanted to explore and play rather than sit still for silly pictures. Even when they are not sure, their tails are always wagging which I absolutely love. These little ones have beyond captured my heart.

Prada – now 1lb 5oz (still our smallest – tiny but mighty)

Burberry – now 1lb 8.5oz – our most feisty – I love her little growls

Chanel – 2lb 4oz – still our biggest 🙂

Virgil – my cruisy “little” man – often found sleeping on his back somewhere 2lb 3oz

Playtime with momma and the beagles is so much fun – especially when it’s muddy outside