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Beagle puppies play in the sun

It was such a glorious day today, we decided to take the beagle puppies outside for some fun in the sunshine. They weren’t sure of the grass on their toes for about 10 seconds and then they loved it.

Phoenix is their favorite “big sister” and the feeling is mutual – any opportunity she can to play with them, she takes it. So, they all wrestled and enjoyed time in the sun today together. <3 We didnt want to risk the eagles today by giving them the run of the whole yard.

Penny and Flame’s Puppy’s Visit

Penny and Flame’s puppies came to visit me in the studio for some final pictures before they go to their new homes. A couple of them have already left, so really it’s just the puppies who are left. <3

They are just the sweetest bunch – we are so thrilled how they have turned out – pretty, healthy and with great temperaments.

James gets his 2nd Major!!

Not to be outdone by his little brother, James decided the major on Sunday at the Cook Inlet Kennel Club was going to be his!!

Way to go Susan Lockleer showing James to his 2nd major for 4pts under judge Cindy Vogels!

Kaszuri East of Eden, CGC TKN – “James” is by CH Verheyen Dustin , JW – bred and owned by Mary Cunningham of the amazing Verheyen cavaliers x LockeStar Love Struck, CGC – “Arrow”.

He was bred by and is co-owned by myself (Sarah) and Alisha Lockleer from LockeStar cavaliers, and of course is owned by Susan. You did us all proud!

Truman gets his first major!

I am so very proud of Truman – Kazuri’s Struck By The Truth with LockeStar, CGC at the Cook Inlet Kennel club show! He won Winners Dog/Best Of Winners from the 9 to 12mo class for a 4pt major, then Best Of Breed over 3 specials bumping up to 5pts! Thank you Judge Timothy Catterson for seeing such potential in our young boy!

We are over the moon!!

Truman is by GCH Orchard Hill True Enough – Blake owned by Mia Lawson from Zelosia Cavaliers and LockeStar Love Struck, CGC – Arrow.

Special thank you to Truman’s co-owners Alisha Lockleer and Susan Lockleer for seeing the potential in him when he was just a pup, and for taking Truman to Alaska this weekend and showing him so well.

A huge thanks again to Zoelea Jones Vey for her amazing hospitality towards them and our dogs, for the second year in a row, making it not only about dog shows, but about visiting friends and just having a grand time! I wish I wasn’t on puppy watch and could have been there – maybe next year!

Lockestar Puppies come to visit

While Alisha and Susan were away getting Paris MRI scanned, we were on puppy duty for Flame and Penny and their puppies. Of course, I had to take them outside for some quick photos. They are 6.5 weeks old and so sweet.

I think a couple of them are still available and so if you are interested in one, please contact Alisha through: https://anyeazi.wixsite.com/lockestarcavaliers

Brisa’s puppies are 5 weeks old

I was lucky enough to have a visit by Susan and her sweet cavalier litter today and so I asked her if she wouldn’t mind if I could photograph them. She say “yes” and so of course I did. 🙂 The dam of this litter is my Arrow’s cousin, and the stud is the same dad Journey.

Black and Tan girl 1

Tri Boy 1

Black and tan girl 2

Tri boy 2

Black and tan girl 3

Tri boy 3

Please note that we are a small, family hobby cavalier king Charles spaniel breeder here in Woodinville which is just north of Seattle, Washington. While these puppies might already be sold, we are taking names for future puppies we have planned. We also have a network of other breeders that we are connected to, so if we dont have a puppy for you, we would be happy to connect you to someone else who might have a perfect furry companion for you.

Cavalier puppy playtime

I have Paris’ litter staying with me while Alisha is attending the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (ACKCS) National in Cape Cod with Sirius and Truman. We are of course cheering them on. The exciting part of this is, that I have two litters to play with instead of one this week 🙂

Since the puppies are big enough to play together, they have their own individual pens for sleeping in, but I combine them together for playtime. I have a mini slide and a tunnel for them to play in, as well as a balance board. Its so fun to see them tousle and enjoy the time together

You can also see that Arrow and Paris (and my beagles) are never far away – always watching to see how they can get in on the action as well.