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Nick remains #1 15 inch beagle

The stats are out and we are so thrilled that Nick is still the #1 15 inch beagle in the USA for both Breed and All Breed points.

He is the #5 Hound.

We are so very honored to be counted amongst such beautiful competition both in our own breed and in the hound group.

Nick is MBIS MBISS MRIS GCHG Kazuri’s All I Want For Christmas CGC TKN.

He is bred by and co-owned by Sarah Sweetman, Mike and Karen Kurtzner and exclusively handled by Mike.

Nick is clear of F7, MLS, NCCD, CAT, POAG as well as testing Neg for Laflora. He passed CERF eye and his Echo for his heart. He has an OFA Excellent Hip rating.

We are so thankful to all the judges who have found Nick and awarded him over the last year. We appreciate the support for our team so much.

Thank you also to the amazing team at the The Canine Chronicle for this wonderful Ad published in the March edition.

An open letter to my cavalier waitlist…

I thought I would send out an update, as the last 12 months have been trying for me to say the least. 

I believe in transparency and honesty and so that is why I am sending out this letter as a public announcement of sorts – this is why I am not taking any cavalier waitlist names at this time, nor for the forseeable future.

Over the last 12 months, I have tried to breed a couple of girls.  I have been fortunate enough that Charlotte got pregnant twice – once with a litter of 4 and once with a litter of 3. 

However, I also bred 3 of my other girls (Phoenix, Chloe and Nellie).  None of these pregnancies took – well one of them took and it resulted in a miscarriage, and the other 2 just didn’t fall pregnant. 

On top of that, one of the girls that I have been waiting for (Summer), to come of age, so I could breed her for the first time failed a health test.  As an ethical breeder I have taken her out of my breeding program and she will be spayed soon.  It is a huge loss as you can imagine.    

Due to my small litters, missed pregnancies my waitlist has not really moved since 2020.  It makes me incredibly sad to think where I had hoped I would be right now, and the amazing families I had hoped to give a puppy to, and that not to have come to fruition.

So, why am I telling you this? 

It’s because I truly don’t know when I would be able to give you a puppy if i took your name at this time.  At this time I don’t have any girls I can breed in the near future, and so I think the best bet would be to talk to other ethical breeders.  

Please know this is very very difficult for me to say ☹  I do not take this lightly. 

I am extremely sorry about all of this.  My heart is pretty broken that this is how things are going right now.  Obviously much of this is out of my control, but I am still sorry.

If you are still looking, I would contact:

Alisha from Lockestar cavaliers

Kathi from Kendallkastle

Dawn from Legacy

Heidi from Covington

Sharon Macy from Rhoyal (if you are after a whole color)

Kym from Sweet Gold

Rick and Penelope from Pensrick

I wish you all the best in your quest to find your perfect furry companion.

xo Sarah xo

Puddin’ and Spencer are having beagle babies

On behalf of Leigh and Helen Gibson (from Karakush Beagles in Australia), Terri Papagni-Carter and Daniel Carter (from Danter Beagles), Chelsea Metter (from VanMar Beagles) and I, I would like to formally announce the most anticipated announcement of Van-Mar and Kazuri’s latest breeding!

Sired by the one-and-only “Spencer”, sire of the 2015 WKC Best in Show Winner and many other notable champions and producers, BISS CH Ha-Penny’s Too Much Trouble and out of our stunning Australian import, CH Karakush The Proof Is Inth Pudding “Puddin”.

This breeding was of paramount importance for many reasons, but mostly because Spencer has been gone for several years and has very limited breeding opportunities left. We are forever indebted to Terri and Dan for trusting and allowing us to use the 13 year-old frozen semen with Puddin. We can never repay you!

Secondly, our unending gratitude also goes to Le and Helen for without them there would never be Puddin. She is the sweetest, happiest beagle there was and gives us the opportunity to bring in lines to strengthen our programs tenfold.

My personal thanks and love goes to Chelsea who has been such a joy to do beagle partnership with – it has been hard to believe we only met in person a few short months ago – I feel like I have known you all my life. We are so aligned with how we feel about so many things and our goals – this process with you has been nothing short of easy – so thank you friend.

Last but not least, a big shout out to ICSB Nor Cal (Shannon and Sydney Stone) for their professional progesterone timing and TCI services (they are seriously on point!) and going above and beyond for this breeding, Willow Creek Veterinary Clinic for their amazing service and ultrasound machine.

Spencer x Puddin, due July 24th, 2021 with a confirmed 8 puppies aboard, we are thrilled to bits!!! 💖💖💖

Sir finishes getting all his single points at the Puyallup Cluster.

Sir (also known as “King Louie” to his family) garnered all his singles this weekend. Now just need to find him some majors to finish his CH title.

Official win photos to come so a candid from the showgrounds will have to do.

On Friday, at the Puyallup Valley Kennel Club, Kazuri’s To Sir With Love went Winners Dog/Best of Winners under judge Mr. Nathaniel Horn.

Sir went Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best of Opp over a special on Saturday under judge Mr. Bryan Martin.

He went Winners Dog on Sunday under judge Mr. Luis F. Sosa.

He went Winners Dog again on Sunday under judge Mrs. Patti Wadick Neale.

Sir is out of our homebred champion “Emmy” (CH Kazuri’s Dreaming of an Emmy) and “Ben” (BIS/BISS CH Kahootz Chase Manhatten).

Sir is MLS/F7/NCCD/CAT clear and black tri dominant.

Thank you to the judges who found my “Covid baby” this weekend and congratulations to all the other winners. Thank you also to Tammie Wilcox for showing Sir this weekend. I always appreciate her so much. I had a crazy weekend with other commitments, so appreciated her support.

Heart Testing Day

Before I send any cavalier litter home, I try and get their hearts checked by a cardiologist and their eyes checked by an ophthalmologist. I just think it is good practice for me to know they are going home clear – even if they develop something later on in life, we knew what their baseline was.

I got Charlotte’s babies done and took the time to get some of my adults done at the same time. I tried to get a couple of group shots. Well…we all know how those turn out 🙂 haha. But atleast they are cuties all the same. And I was thrilled that they were all heart clear.

If anyone wants to check up on my dogs, please feel free to go to and look up “Kazuri” (or “Kaszuri” for James, Lockestar for Sirius and a few dogs are under LoKazuri Star as I co-bred a few litters) and all my dogs will come up. <3

Sibling love

Summer (Kazuri’s Sweet Summer Kisses) and Watson (Kazuri’s Time To Solve A Mystery) were both at the heart clinic today and I couldnt help taking photos of them. But like typical cavaliers, they closed their eyes, and pulled weird faces and kissed each other. How many photos does it take to get a cute photo of siblings?? HAHA.

FrankIE – Kazuri’s Go Fly A Kite

Sometimes we raise up a puppy or two from a litter hoping they will turn out the way we hope they will. We kept 2 brothers from our Ben x Emmy litter to see how they would grow up. Now that they are closer to 6 months, one is starting to nudge out the other, and since we don’t need two boys in our breeding program with the same exact pedigree, we decided we could let Mr Franklin go to his forever home.

He is a super sweet. A total love bug. But as you can see in the photos, he hams it up for playing with toys as well. I have only had him here since yesterday afternoon, and he gets along with everyone in our pack well. He hasn’t lifted a leg or pottied on anything (long may that continue) and his crate was dry this morning. We are off to a good start.

I know who ever gets this sweet little fellow, will be lucky indeed. I am offering him to families I think he will be well suited to, so please no enquiries.

Natural Remedy for Skin

A good friend of mine was having some skin allergy issues with her 10 week old beagle puppy. She wouldn’t stop itching. She came up with this little concoction and is giving it daily and has made a huge difference, so I wanted to share it, just in case there are others that might benefit. I am a firm believer in things that can be found in nature to heal the body.

Puppy formula:

1/4 tsp of Colloidal Silver + 1/4 tsp of local honey (local for allergy reasons) + 1/2 tsp of Coconut Oil – melt the coconut oil and honey together gently with hot water and add the colloidal silver. Can be added to food.

Adult Formula.

1/2 tsp of Colloidal Silver + 1/4 tsp of local honey (local for allergy reasons) + 1 tsp of Coconut Oil – melt the coconut oil and honey together gently with hot water and add the colloidal silver. Can be added to food.

My friend has also noticed that after giving this to her 14.5 year old who is in congestive heart failure, that her “heart” cough has disappeared. Simply amazing.

I hope this helps your pup too. <3

Sweet sleepy beagle pups

As i mentioned in my last post, when the beagle puppies were at my studio, they fell asleep so I made the most of it by taking some cute pictures of them together. Then, Mr Ming was sleeping on a pillow, so I snapped a couple of extras of him. <3


Madison’s pups:

Vixen’s pups

Mr Ming <3

Thank you for your interest in my breeding program. I wont be making offers to any families till closer to 7-8 weeks when I can assess their structure and temperament, and decide which will be staying in my breeding program. I am just not quite ready yet – thank you for your patience.

Please note for any new enquiries, that I have approximately a 12 month wait time for puppies at this time.