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Brianna and Sirius – a dream team!

Brianna (my daughter) decided to take Sirius in the Jrs ring this weekend at the Cavaliers of Puget Sound (COPS) dog shows at Puyallup Kennel Club. She also took him into the Breed ring. Sirius responds so well to her – he watches her intently and just loves her.

To our amazement and thrill, Sirius and Brianna won the first (and only) Award of Merit under esteemed breeder judge Mrs. Cindy Huggins! <3 What a win indeed! <3

I really hope they continue – they could go so far together.

Paris gets a clear MRI Scan

We are thrilled to announce that Paris got a clear MRI Scan this weekend.

It was wonderful news for our breeding program and all of her puppies.

SM/CM are polygenic – this means that the genes can be hidden through multiple generations and pop up unexpectedly. However, we can use this tool as information moving forward in our breeding program and hopefully make the best decisions for healthy pups in the future.

Lockestar Puppies come to visit

While Alisha and Susan were away getting Paris MRI scanned, we were on puppy duty for Flame and Penny and their puppies. Of course, I had to take them outside for some quick photos. They are 6.5 weeks old and so sweet.

I think a couple of them are still available and so if you are interested in one, please contact Alisha through: https://anyeazi.wixsite.com/lockestarcavaliers

Our final Photos with Arrow’s Puppies

I know it’s been a while since I have posted. Sorry about that. It’s been busy around here. The puppies are now 11 weeks old and about to go to their new homes.

Well *almost* all of them. We have decided to keep the little Ruby – her name is now Phoenix – so you can watch for regular updates on our new little lovebug <3

Prada is now Remy. Chanel is now Coco and Virgil is now Raliegh. They have the most amazing families to love and cherish them and I wanted to do a final photo shoot before they went home.

I sure will miss them <3