Cavalier King Charles puppies turn 5 weeks ~ AKC Woodinville Seattle WA

Our cavalier king charles puppies are growing like weeds – they are now 5 weeks old so very mobile and starting to get into mischief.  They are eating solids although not in any kind of rush to wean off momma Arrow.

Teddy has the biggest personalty – he is an explorer and loves nothing more than to tussle and growl.  Sirius is a snuggler and a little bit of a mommas boy – he is our gentle giant.  Albus is our observer taking it all in before getting in on the action.  He got a cold last week which was a little scary but is doing great again – thank Heavens!

This week we will take them outdoors for some time on the grass – it will be fun to see them explore somewhere new and gather some different sensory experiences.  we will also set up the play space now that they are interacting with their environment more.

cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-21 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-2 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-3Teddy

cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-4 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-7


cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-8 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-9 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-12


cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-15 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-17 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-18 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-20

Teddy, Albus & Sirius

(PS while Albus is smaller, he is not as much as the picture shows – it is a little deceptive with him lying down as the other two are sitting 🙂 )

Cavalier King Charles puppies turn 3 weeks ~ AKC Woodinville Seattle WA

I apologize for not posting any 2 week pictures.  We were away last week and so I was not able to do them.

The babies are growing growing – they are starting to get mobile and explore the puppy pen.  Their current weights are:

Teddy – 1 lb 8.6oz

Albus – 1 lb 7.0oz

Sirius – 1 lb 8.4oz

Enjoy their adorableness 🙂

cavalier puppies 3 weeks-21 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-1 Teddycavalier puppies 3 weeks-2 Teddy side profilecavalier puppies 3 weeks-5 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-6 Teddy, Albus, Siriuscavalier puppies 3 weeks-7 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-8 Albus side profilecavalier puppies 3 weeks-10 Albuscavalier puppies 3 weeks-11 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-13 Siriuscavalier puppies 3 weeks-14 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-15 Sirius side profilecavalier puppies 3 weeks-16 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-17 Albus, Sirius, Teddycavalier puppies 3 weeks-19 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-20