Cavalier King Charles puppies turn 3 weeks ~ AKC Woodinville Seattle WA

I apologize for not posting any 2 week pictures.  We were away last week and so I was not able to do them.

The babies are growing growing – they are starting to get mobile and explore the puppy pen.  Their current weights are:

Teddy – 1 lb 8.6oz

Albus – 1 lb 7.0oz

Sirius – 1 lb 8.4oz

Enjoy their adorableness 🙂

cavalier puppies 3 weeks-21 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-1 Teddycavalier puppies 3 weeks-2 Teddy side profilecavalier puppies 3 weeks-5 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-6 Teddy, Albus, Siriuscavalier puppies 3 weeks-7 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-8 Albus side profilecavalier puppies 3 weeks-10 Albuscavalier puppies 3 weeks-11 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-13 Siriuscavalier puppies 3 weeks-14 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-15 Sirius side profilecavalier puppies 3 weeks-16 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-17 Albus, Sirius, Teddycavalier puppies 3 weeks-19 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-20