Cavalier Puppies are 1 week old today

It has been a big week – the babies have all grown well.   Arrow has played “momma” to 3 extra puppies this week as their mom had no milk to give them (the breeder of these puppies wishes to remain anonymous so to respect her I will not post pics of her babies).

So this evening, I quickly whipped out my camera for a super fast photo session to update head shots and side shots of each puppy.

Enjoy 🙂


cavalier puppies-1 cavalier puppies-2


cavalier puppies-5 cavalier puppies-6


cavalier puppies-7 cavalier puppies-8


cavalier puppies-12 cavalier puppies-14


Beagle Puppies are 8 weeks old

The babies are growing up and enjoying life in the sun in Sacramento.  For now, one of the girls and the two boys are staying to grow up a little while we watch them and decide who will stay long term.  I wish they weren’t so darn cute and make our decision so hard to make 🙂

mias pups 8 weeks 2 mias pups 8 weeks

Arrow x Dustin Cavalier King Charles Puppies

Arrow and Dustin did good with their sweet babies – here are their close ups.

The temporary names:

Tri boy:  James                         Black n Tan girl :   Maggie

tri 1 day bt girl 1 day

Black n Tan boy:  Max                            Ruby girl :  Julia

max 1 day ruby 1 day

Cavalier babies are here

arrow litter new

We are beyond thrilled to announce the safe arrival of 4 sweet puppies into the world this morning.  Arrow was a rockstar, having all 5 of her puppies in just over 2 hours.  Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, one of the little boys was born without a heartbeat and we couldn’t resuscitate him as hard as we tried.

But we are grateful for the 4 beautiful babies we have.   We ended up with a Black and Tan girl, a Ruby girl, a Black and Tan boy and a Tri boy.

thank you everyone for your great wishes and your prayers.  xox

Arrow’s Xray ~ AKC Cavalier King Charles Puppies

We did an xray on Arrow today to see how many babies we might be expecting at the end of the week.  Much to our delight, it appears she might have 5 on board 🙂

So now, we will wait and keep our fingers and toes crossed that she delivers safe and sound.

We will keep you posted about the bog arrival later this week 🙂

Arrow_PregnantRads_02_13_2016 darker

Snow Day with Beagles and Cavaliers

As much as I love being a breeder of beagles and cavaliers, first and foremost, our dogs are our family members and pets. They sleep on our couches and in our home and we don’t have any “kennel” that they stay in.
This week our home in Woodinville, Seattle experienced snow. It doesn’t happen very often and so when it does, we all get out and enjoy it. The dogs were no exception running and playing and having a blast. Even Arrow, who is a week and a half away from puppies, got out there and played with us all.
So much fun indeed 🙂

beagle snow day-1

beagle snow day-3

beagle snow day-4

beagle snow day-6

beagle snow day-9

beagle snow day-11

beagle snow day-12

beagle snow day-14

beagle snow day-15

beagle snow day-16

beagle snow day-19

beagle snow day-20

beagle snow day-23

beagle snow day-30

beagle snow day-31

beagle snow day-33