Allie gets her 2nd major!

I am so proud that after a reserve win to a major, Miss Allie won her 2nd Major win under Hound specialist Mrs Azalea Alvarez at the Coeur d’Alene dog show this weekend. She was piloted by Emma Adams, a wonderful Jr Handler who will be showing her at some of the hound specialties over the Summer as she tries to qualify for Westminster this year. I am so proud of you both!

Our final Photos with Arrow’s Puppies

I know it’s been a while since I have posted. Sorry about that. It’s been busy around here. The puppies are now 11 weeks old and about to go to their new homes.

Well *almost* all of them. We have decided to keep the little Ruby – her name is now Phoenix – so you can watch for regular updates on our new little lovebug <3

Prada is now Remy. Chanel is now Coco and Virgil is now Raliegh. They have the most amazing families to love and cherish them and I wanted to do a final photo shoot before they went home.

I sure will miss them <3

Allie wins her first major

After getting 2 Reserve wins on Friday and Saturday, Allie won winners bitch and Best of Opposite on Sunday under judge Mrs
Christie Martinez for her first points and first major. I am very proud of my little girl – this was her first weekend ever going into the ring. She had a steep learning curve, learning what was expected on the table, how to show her bite, and how to stack on the ground. All within a week or so of landing in the USA.

I am very proud of this little girl. She has some growing up to do, but I think she will also be a valuable part of my breeding program moving forward.

Meet Allie – our newest Beagle

I have been wanting a new beagle for a while. A new bloodline that was separate from my own, but a girl whose structure could compliment mine so I could integrate her babies back with mine.

Bory Wood Kennels, run by Ildiko and Levente Koszorus in Romania posted about a litter they had a couple of girls available from. One in particular caught my eye. Her name was Bory Wood Velvet.

We chatted, and somehow it all came together and within 5 weeks, she was on a plane to Washington state. She has integrated into life here well, and will be hitting the showring this Summer.

We have named her “Allie” – in honor of Alyce Gilmore from Bayou Oaks. I have long admired her dogs and the impact her kennel has made on our breed (world wide). She recently passed away from cancer – much too soon – and I wanted Allie to honor her legacy and hopefully make a mark in my kennel the way Alyce did.

Brisa’s puppies are 5 weeks old

I was lucky enough to have a visit by Susan and her sweet cavalier litter today and so I asked her if she wouldn’t mind if I could photograph them. She say “yes” and so of course I did. 🙂 The dam of this litter is my Arrow’s cousin, and the stud is the same dad Journey.

Black and Tan girl 1

Tri Boy 1

Black and tan girl 2

Tri boy 2

Black and tan girl 3

Tri boy 3

Please note that we are a small, family hobby cavalier king Charles spaniel breeder here in Woodinville which is just north of Seattle, Washington. While these puppies might already be sold, we are taking names for future puppies we have planned. We also have a network of other breeders that we are connected to, so if we dont have a puppy for you, we would be happy to connect you to someone else who might have a perfect furry companion for you.