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Please know that because I have a small breeding program and there is normally a 6-12 month wait for a puppy from us. It could be longer or shorter depending on how many litters we have and how many puppies are in each litter. Sometime Mother Nature gives us a singleton – we can’t help that.

Most ethical breeders will be like this. If you’re thinking about adding a Kazuri puppy or dog to your family, please read ahead so you know more about what is involved.: I also have another page full of Frequently Asked Questions, if your question is not answered here, please click on the link and read through it.

Do your research into the right breed for you

​The first thing I would like you to do is breed research. Yes, both beagles and cavaliers are adorably cute. But they both have their unique breed qualities that make them perfect pets for some families and not a great fit for others.

I would like you to do some breed research as to if a beagle or cavalier will fit your lifestyle. There are many websites, books, and articles you can look at. www.akc.org is a great resource. You can also find breed specific information by clicking here:



Understand the process

​You can look around this website and learn all about us here at Kazuri. If you decide you want to work with us, please fill out a questionnaire below.

My husband and I and our two teens (aged 13 and 15) whelp and raise the puppies in our living room, so they are used to being handled, as well as all the normal household noises.

We sell our Beagle puppies for $2000 (usd) and our Cavalier puppies for $4000 (usd). Cavalier puppies are more expensive as they have significantly more health testing and stud fees are much higher.

All Kazuri puppies come with their first vaccines, vet health checks, microchipped with AKC reunite and have AKC registration papers (companion/non breeding only). We allow the puppies to go to their forever homes any time after they turn 8 weeks (beagles) or 10 weeks (cavaliers).

We don’t make any promises of specific puppies to any families until around 6 or so weeks. This is because when we have a litter, our primary intention is to keep one for ourselves to show.  After that, we do our best to match temperaments and energy levels to each family so they are a perfect lifetime companion for you, rather than matching a puppy based on looks, so we do not allow families to “choose” their puppies.

We allow visitors after they have had their first vaccines. We have found this matching to be very successful for our families. If you live out of town, we require you to fly in and pick up your puppy. We do not ship puppies to keep stress on the puppy to a minimum level.

Planned Litters

​You can have a look at this page and see any of our planned litters for this year. I keep this up to date with plans and announcements, so check back every now and then if you are curious about if anything has changed.

Please tell me about yourself

I love it when our applicants share their past experiences with dog ownership, tell us about their family members, the types of activities they hope to enjoy with their new puppy. The more information I know about you and what you are looking for in a puppy, the better job I can do matching you with your perfect companion.

You can fill out an application here: APPLY or email us


If you have any other questions, please click here for frequently asked questions:

I also know that the day you bring your puppy home, you get a lot of information. So, I created a page of all the “Puppy Pack” information you get, so you can refer back to it whenever you want to. It includes recommendations for food, socializing, potty training tips, grooming tips and more.

Beagles and Cavalier King Charles Dogs