Sirius gets Best Puppy

We are very proud of our little man, “Lockestar “Cause I’m Up to No Good of Kaszuri”  aka Sirius   for getting Best puppy in Show Under the esteemed breeder judge Katie Sloan at the Twin City Specialty show

Well done to Sirius and co-breeder and co-owner Alisha for showing him!!   This young boy makes us so proudsirius best puppy

FInal days with the cavalier puppies

Now that the cavalier puppies are almost 10 weeks old, we are approaching our final days with them here in our home.  In some ways, it seems like a long time and in other ways, the last 10 weeks have flown by in a blink of an eye.

The weather has thankfully been getting nicer lately and so we have been able to enjoy getting outdoors and enjoy the yard outside.  The cavalier babies love exploring the yard with the beagles and momma Arrow.

Enjoy the latest pictures of them playing together – possibly the last of them all together as Maggie (now Chloe) will be going to her forever home this weekend.


cavaliers 10 weeks-1 cavaliers 10 weeks-2 cavaliers 10 weeks-4 cavaliers 10 weeks-5 cavaliers 10 weeks-6 cavaliers 10 weeks-8 cavaliers 10 weeks-9 cavaliers 10 weeks-10 cavaliers 10 weeks-12 cavaliers 10 weeks-13 cavaliers 10 weeks-15 cavaliers 10 weeks-16 cavaliers 10 weeks-18 cavaliers 10 weeks-19 cavaliers 10 weeks-20 cavaliers 10 weeks-21 cavaliers 10 weeks-22 cavaliers 10 weeks-23 cavaliers 10 weeks-24 cavaliers 10 weeks-25 cavaliers 10 weeks-28 cavaliers 10 weeks-29 cavaliers 10 weeks-30 cavaliers 10 weeks-33 cavaliers 10 weeks-34 cavaliers 10 weeks-35 cavaliers 10 weeks-36 cavaliers 10 weeks-38 cavaliers 10 weeks-40 cavaliers 10 weeks-41 cavaliers 10 weeks-43 cavaliers 10 weeks-45 cavaliers 10 weeks-47 cavaliers 10 weeks-48 cavaliers 10 weeks-49


Cavalier puppies are 7 weeks old

The cavalier puppies are 7 weeks old and we are thrilled with how they are growing and developing.  They are growling and pouncing and playing.

Maggie is non stop energy and a ball of fun.  Max is reserved and a thinker.   Julia is bold and fearless and James is cheeky.   Little Dottie (born from Arrow’s sister Penny but being raised with our litter) is a little bit of a Diva.

We are going to do evaluations next week – I look forward to assessing them for show quality.

cavalier babies 7 weeks-41 cavalier babies 7 weeks-40 cavalier babies 7 weeks-39 cavalier babies 7 weeks-37 cavalier babies 7 weeks-36 cavalier babies 7 weeks-35 cavalier babies 7 weeks-34 cavalier babies 7 weeks-32 cavalier babies 7 weeks-31 cavalier babies 7 weeks-29 cavalier babies 7 weeks-28 cavalier babies 7 weeks-27 cavalier babies 7 weeks-25 cavalier babies 7 weeks-22 cavalier babies 7 weeks-20 cavalier babies 7 weeks-18

cavalier babies 7 weeks-23cavalier babies 7 weeks-17 cavalier babies 7 weeks-16 cavalier babies 7 weeks-14 cavalier babies 7 weeks-13 cavalier babies 7 weeks-12

cavalier babies 7 weeks-3cavalier babies 7 weeks-10 cavalier babies 7 weeks-9 cavalier babies 7 weeks-7 cavalier babies 7 weeks-6

Beagle puppies have come to visit

Mia’s two boys Kris and TT have come to Seattle  for a visit.  Kris is going to his forever companion home and TT is going to do some maturing here for a while.   We also decided we will keep their sister Vixen as our newest show prospect, so watch this space in the future 🙂

I took some pictures of them this evening – aren’t they handsome boys?   they are 4 months old 🙂

beagles 4 months-3 beagles 4 months-4 beagles 4 months-5 beagles 4 months-6 beagles 4 months-9 beagles 4 months-12 beagles 4 months-13 beagles 4 months-14 beagles 4 months-16 beagles 4 months-17 beagles 4 months-18