Charity (aka. Kazuri’s A Million Dreams)

DOB: May 27 2020

Charity is a sweet gentle girl.  She is the daughter Madison and a dog I love from Australia, that lives in Venezuela. His name is Buddy – Aus CH Ven CH “Langrigg The Cake Boss”. Buddy is the son of one of my favorite dogs of all time – Cuppa (Aus Supreme CH and the #1 dog for 2012 in Australia “Langrigg Strawberry Cupcake”).

We co-own Charity with a good friend of mine from California – Chelsea Metteer from Van Mar beagles. I have been wanting to collaborate and work with Chelsea for quite some time and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do that.

Charity is named after the character Charity from “The Greatest Showman” and one of my favorite songs that PT sings to her “A Million Dreams”. It seemed fitting when we have so many hopes and dreams for this girl.

Health clearances:  MLS clear,    NCCD clear,    Factor 7 affected,   PRA carrier, PKD clear, doesn’t carry Glaucoma, MFN2 neg, doesn’t carry gene for Brittle bone disease, CUBN Exon 8 neg.  While she is F7 “affected”, we are not worried about this as it doesn’t impact beagles like it does other breeds. Knowing she has it, means we can give her vitamin K when she has puppies, but she should have no trouble.

Eyes clear (June 2021). Heart Clear (June 2021)

If you have any questions, you can read more about F7 here: You can see Charity’s genetic tests from Embark by clicking here

1 year
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