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The final pictures of Vixen’s Beagle pups

*Sob* – this is the final post I will be doing of these precious little ones as they will start going to their new homes. I will be keeping close tabs on them of course, but it is always bittersweet to say goodbye. It has been so special to raise these precious little babies.

Cinnamon is now going to be called Willow – Kazuri’s Cover Me In Sunshine. I will co-own her with Maria from Starfall Samoyds.

Nutmeg (yet to be named) will be moving to live with his 1/2 brother with the Miller family

Ginger is now known as Crosby – Kazuri’s Answered Prayer and will be living with his mother Vixen who is retiring and the Neuenschwander family in Oregon

Clove who is staying at Kazuri and his now going to be called Aspen – Kazuri’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

The cavalier babies venture outside.

The cavalier babies are big enough to go outside, but it has been a bit cold and rainy. Today we had a break in the rain and so we took them outside for their first garden adventure.

They had a lot of fun and especially enjoyed being with the other big dogs but only lasted about 30 minutes before they were shivering and cold so we took them back inside. But all in all it was a successful adventure.

I love these little pumpkins and watching them grow and explore. It’s hard to believe they are 5 weeks old already.

Thank you for your interest in my breeding program. We have an existing waitlist and so these puppies will be spoken for. If you want to be considered for future puppies, please visit my “Puppy page” for details.

The Cavalier babies update

I got Covid-19 this week – thankfully I am vaccinated and so my symptoms have been fairly mild – mostly I have been exhausted and so I have been just in “get the basics done” mode. And so, taking photos got put on the back burner until I felt up to doing it.

The babies are growing like beautiful little weeds – they are stronger and playing together. They are running and wrestling and growling and have definitely found their sweet little voices barking with delight when I bring their meals. They LOVE food 🙂 It’s good. They are eating 3 meals a day now and only nursing a few times a day – Charlotte is enjoying becoming more of a playmate than a mommy.

Enjoy their latest photos.




Thank you for your interest in my breeding program. We have an existing waitlist and so these puppies will be spoken for. If you want to be considered for future puppies, please visit my “Puppy page” for details.

Puppy playtime in the Yard

Anytime there is a break in the rain, and it isn’t too cold, we pop the pups outside for a little playtime. The pack loves playing with them too – our son’s 6 month old Golden Shirley is in love with the babies and loves to wrestle with them. For the most part she is very gentle but we stay very close by, just in case.

Grandma Madison and Momma Rosie love to get in the action too. 🙂 Both are wonderful matriachs and teachers of fun and healthy boundaries.

I hope you enjoy these photos of the babies in our gardens tonight – by the time I had finished taking photos, it was getting a little dark (thanks Winter 🙂 ), but you still get the idea.

Vixen and Bob’s beagle pups turn 1 week old

One week has flown by and Vixen’s pups have grown so quickly under her tender loving care. They are big butter balls and content and happy just like newborns should be. I couldn’t be happier.

I haven’t named them yet but I think I will do a Thankgiving theme since that’s when they came .


Boy 1 (wide collar)

Boy 2 (thin collar)

Boy 3 (dot)

At this stage no puppies are available. I have a current waitlist for my puppies. You can apply for a future puppy through my “puppy page”. Thank you

Rosie gives birth

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you make the most of it.

My co-owners, Mike and Karen, have one of my girls Rosie living with them in TN. We planned to breed Rosie to Nick, our #1 15 inch boy. The breeding took and we anticipated puppies early October.

Unfortunately their daughter, who they live with, got sick and needed to be hospitalized. Whelping Rosie was no longer an option and so Rosie flew home from the National with me to WA. Luckily Rosie has such an easy going nature – nothing bothers her and flying didn’t either.

To make matters more complicated, our family had a pre-planned trip out of town, the weekend she was due – a trip we never would have booked if we had known.

So, i got a treasured and very dog experienced friend to watch my dogs for the weekend. I had her take Rosie to the vet each day for a reverse progesterone draw (if the number is under 2 a c-section is safe to do). Rosie had other ideas and by Friday was still not ready. With my 2 repro vets both out of town, we knew she would have to go naturally. I called a cavalier breeder friend of mine and asked if she would be willing to be on call and thankfully she agreed. So, I felt some comfort knowing that if she went into labor while I was still away that she was in experienced hands.

Saturday morning Rosie started showing some signs of early labor and by mid day she was most definitely in stage 1. I knew I wouldn’t be making it home to see them arrive on Sunday. Around 7:30pm Saturday night, my cavalier breeder friend Susan arrived to support Michelle, and they watched Rosie as she rested, dug, re-position herself and prepared herself for babies. I was super grateful for my “ring” camera so I could log in and see what was going on at very regular basis.

About 11:10pm, I logged into my Ring to watch Rosie pushing and watched the first baby being born. A little girl – flashy white markings just like her momma! She was 7.27oz and perfect.

Baby number 2 came quickly after – about 15 mins later – a baby boy – 7.7oz

Rosie seemed to be on a roll. As soon as the 2 others were dried off and cleaned up, she started pushing again and within 10 mins she had another baby boy. This one was 8.25oz

In true Rosie style, she seemed to want to have them all by midnight, and just before 12, she popped out her 3rd baby boy.

We celebrated. I cried a little because I wasn’t there in person, but grateful it all went well – and cried happy tears that they arrived safe and sound. There wasn’t much more for me to do so i hopped offline and went to sleep.

I woke up in the morning to a message that Rosie had a bonus baby #5 – another boy – 10.97oz – a giant boy. He took an hour to get into position and got stuck on the way out, but thanks to Susan and Michelle he was born safely and is perfectly fine.

So, we ended up with 5 beautiful babies. We feel so blessed that they all arrived safe and sound. I couldn’t wait to meet them only a mere few hours later when i got home. <3 I am so thankful to Michelle and Susan <3

Puddin’s beagle pups are 6 weeks

The weather is thankfully still warm so we have started having daily playtimes outside. The pack loves spending time with them – especially my son’s 13 week old golden Shirley. She adores them and is surprisingly gentle with them.

This week I decided not to do individual photos, but to let you enjoy some pictures of the babies playing in our big back yard yard, and the smaller puppy yard (we have a special small yard if they will be unattended, since we have hawks and eagles, so it’s safer there).

Enjoy – they are at such a fun age 🙂

*Please note that none of these puppies are available at this time. Thank you for understanding. *

Puds beagle pups turn 5 weeks

Pud and Spencer’s beagle pups turned 5 weeks today. They are getting much more confident on their feet and have conquered the slide and play daily “king of the castle” up there.

We are definitely seeing them enjoying exploring their world – they love to climb on top of blankets if we leave them out, or scramble over toys and obstacles that have been left (aka little boxes or teeter totters and such). We love to snuggle them. They are at that sweet age where they play for a short time and then crash and nothing can wake them.

We are letting them have small visits in the garden – they are gaining confidence out there too – its a big world out there with so many new smells and sensations. They really weren’t interested in stopping to take pictures. Oh well. 🙂

I am loving raising this litter – I only wish Chels lived closer so she could join me in all the snuggles too. Videos only show so much.

Enjoy the latest pictures of our precious babies.









Please know that none of these puppies are available at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Pud’s pups turn 4 weeks old

Time is starting to fly by – we are at the half way point – I am not sure how we got here already. The babies are starting to be awake a little more and play in their pen.

We are giving them more activities to interact with and it is fun to see them explore the world around them. They are using the litter boxes when it is available to them about 50% of the time – a great start to litterbox training 🙂

I took them outside for a little outside time since the weather was so favorable. They were a little unsure at first but it didn’t take them long to use their little noses to start exploring that weird green stuff and all the plants in my garden.

Enjoy the photos of them this week.









Please note that none of these pups are available at this time. thank you for your patience and understanding.

New Champion Sir

I am so so pleased to announce that Sir “Kazuri’s To Sir With Love” is our latest champion. He makes Kazuri’s 6th beagle champion for 2021. <3

On Saturday, at the Sammamish Kennel club being held in Enumclaw WA, under judge Mrs. Kathleen J Brock, Sir went WD, BOW for a 3point major.

Then again today, under Mrs. Marianne C. Klinkoswki, he did it again going WD and BOW for another 3 point major to finish.

Sir finished his CH undefeated in the classes in only 4 weekends of showing (one of which was a single specialty day). He is now going to finish his health testing and enjoy the good life at home for a while. I am very proud.