Our Spencer x Pud pups are doing so well

I have to take a moment to express how proud Chelsea and I are of our Spencer x Puddin babies!

They are now just turned 9 months old and so far 6 of the 8 are pointed or major pointed!

Dutch (owned by Sarah Sweetman and I) 10 points with both majors Harley Quinn (owned by Lisa Young, Jenni Nieft, and Sarah Sweetman) 7 points with both majors

Audrey (owned by Terri Papagni-Carter and Daniel Carter) 4 points with 1 major

Daisy (owned by Sarah Sweetman) 5 singles

Charlie (owned by Jenni Nieft and Lisa Young) 3 singles

Tex (owned by Sarah Sweetman and I) 2 singles

Maddi (owned by Sarah Smith-Falkner) major reserves

All shown very sparingly and loved and owned by a fantastic group of people! We are so blessed 🥰 Looking forward to what the future may hold.