Emmy welcomes her beagle pups to the world

Emmy usually lives with Mike and Karen in Tennessee, but with Karen having surgery they asked if she could whelp here in WA. Since she was born here herself, it seemed only fitting that she had her final litter with me.

She had a short first stage – this wasn’t her first litter so that didn’t surprise me. About 11am she showed signs of wanting to push and so we knew she was getting close.

The first pup was born shortly after 12. She didn’t struggle to push him out and he wasn’t big at 7.12oz but he never took a breath. We worked on him for an hour, kept him warm, tried every trick we knew but he just never woke up. We were gutted.

The next baby came around 2pm – another boy. This one was 7.44oz.

A third baby boy arrived around 3pm – 6.91oz.

Emmy quickly settled into her mothering role and loving on her two surviving babies. She is a wonderful mother and we are grateful that they are healthy and strong.

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  1. Oh so sorry to hear that Emmy lost her first boy. That is always a sad moment but it sounds like you did everything you could to save him. 😢

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