Beagle puppies are 4 weeks ~ Woodinville Seattle AKC

Today the wee babies turned 4 weeks – a month sure has flown by so fast!

The beagle babies are growing still – their new skills include walking, jumping (and flopping) and wrestling. They have started solids and are starting to wean off Maddy, sleeping 10 hours alone through the night (with not a peep). They are also consistently going poop in the litterbox so that is great for cleanup 🙂

Their latest pictures are here – i think this will be the last set I can do on my own as they are so fast and dont want to stay in one place at all – I’m going to try and recruit my kids to help next week.

Enjoy them xo

Latest weights:

Girl 1 – 3 lb 14.8oz

Girl 2 – 3 lb 15.5oz

Boy 1 – 4 lb 11oz

Boy 2 – 4 lb 1.5oz

beagle puppy 4 weeks-1 Boy 1beagle puppy 4 weeks-2 Girl 1beagle puppy 4 weeks-3 Girl 2beagle puppy 4 weeks-4 Boy 2beagle puppy 4 weeks-5 beagle puppy 4 weeks-6 beagle puppy 4 weeks-7 beagle puppy 4 weeks-8 beagle puppy 4 weeks-9