Puppies are here

With nothing really happening last night, we decided to go to bed.  I got up every 2 hours to check on her.  While restless, nothing much was happening.

This morning, she woke me up around 6am, and wouldn’t let me out of her sight.  Around 8:45 she started pushing and by 8:58 we had our first baby born safe and sound.  10.2 oz baby girl.

After a quick rest, she gave birth to another girl at 9:31 – this one was a little bigger at 10.9oz.

She rested again and with no assistance whelped her first son – all 11.4 oz of him, at 10:15.

Her fourth and final baby was born at 11:16 – another little boy – 10.9oz.    Yep – 4 puppies in 2 hours and 18 minutes – what a rockstar!

Maddy is a natural momma and she and the pups are dong so well already.  I have to resist the urge to go and pick them up all the time.

I am very excited to see them grow up 🙂

 kauri beagle puppy Seattle woodinville

beagle puppy wa kauri beagle puppy Seattle woodinville

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    1. Hi Rachel – thank you for asking. We sell our companion pets for $1300 on spay/neuter contracts. We occasionally sell to homes that want to show their dogs too – those sell for $1800.

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