Beagle Puppy Xray

About a week before whelping, I like to do an xray to get an idea of how many beagle puppies we are expecting. That way, if labor stops and you know there is a puppy or two left, we can call for help and intervention (if need be)

We did a top view and side view. You can see the little skeletons – they kind of look like little lizards don’t they 🙂

From the top view, we can clearly see 4 – two on each side. From the side view, it almost looks like a 5th is tucked up by her leg. Or maybe that’s just a shadow. Either way, we are excited that there will be 4-5 puppies coming soon.
Of course, we need to get them safely into the world – so much can go wrong, and so we are hoping and praying for a safe delivery of all of them, no matter how many or few there are.

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