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Vixen and Bob’s beagle pups turn 1 week old

One week has flown by and Vixen’s pups have grown so quickly under her tender loving care. They are big butter balls and content and happy just like newborns should be. I couldn’t be happier.

I haven’t named them yet but I think I will do a Thankgiving theme since that’s when they came .


Boy 1 (wide collar)

Boy 2 (thin collar)

Boy 3 (dot)

At this stage no puppies are available. I have a current waitlist for my puppies. You can apply for a future puppy through my “puppy page”. Thank you

Kiss and Denny’s pups are 6 weeks today

The puppies are enjoying small times outside more and more. We don’t take them outside very much – not only because it’s still a bit cold, but also because it’s not super safe for them as we live on a lake with eagles – so we stand out there and supervise their playtime very closely.

Phoenix loves playtime with the babies so much – as you can see below, the feeling is mutual. She has just turned one, but she is very gentle with them. She has her mom Arrow’s beautiful temperament.

I did their individual pictures outdoors again this week. Enjoy <3






Thank you for your interest in my puppies and breeding program. At this stage I don’t know if any of these puppies will be available as I will start assessing them around week 7/8 to see who will stay in my breeding program. I thank you for your patience and understanding. I do understand how hard it is to wait.

If you want to be considered for a puppy, please look on my “puppy page” for all the information you need about my breeding plans, FAQs, and a questionnaire to fill out. Thanks, Sarah