DOB: July 29 2019

Echo is the daughter of our beautiful Vixen and a lovely male from Wisconsin “Peyton” (CH Malarky In Good Company).   She is a goofy, sweet, energetic girl and loves nothing more than to play. She lives with a guardian home and with two Aussies and she loves nothing more than to play chase with them. She thinks she is much bigger than she is. She is barely over 13 inches, but don’t tell her that – she has the attitude of a big dog!

Because of COVID ruining all shows when Echo was eligible to hit the ring, she debuted her show career when she was one. So far she has 13 of her 15 points, including 3 majors which she garnered over her first 4 weekends in the ring. She is off to a wonderful start.

Health clearances:  MLS clear,    NCCD clear,    Factor 7 affected,   PRA clear, PKD clear, doesn’t carry Glaucoma, MFN2 neg, doesn’t carry gene for Brittle bone disease, CUBN Exon 8 neg.  While she is F7 “affected”, we are not worried about this as it doesn’t impact beagles like it does other breeds. Knowing she has it, means we can give her vitamin K when she has puppies, but she should have no trouble. If you have any questions, you can read more about F7 here: You can see Echo’s genetic tests from Embark by clicking here

Heart cleared (Aug 2020 – BE-ACA78/12F-VPI).

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