DOB: Aug 19 2019

Rosie is the daughter of our beautiful Madison and a lovely male from Indiana “Walter” ( BISS GCH Meadow Crest’s Just Call Me Sir).  

She is a sweet fun loving girl and loves nothing more than to boss all the boys at the house around. At night she wants to be snuggled up on your lap (or if she can have her way, snuggled across multiple laps). Lucky she is a 13 and so perfect lap dogs sized.

Rosie made her showing debut at the San Mateo and Oakland dog shows picking up Best of Breed wins 3 out of the 4 days. She then showed again at the Strawberry Classic in Lakeland Florida where she picked up her two majors. She picked up her final 3 points in her third weekend of showing finishing up her championship. Well done miss Rosie Posie.

Rosie gets to retire on the couch now. Showing was never her favorite passtime and so hanging out and playing in the yard will be much more her style. Later in 2021 we hope she will bless us with her first litter. Stay tuned for the announcement.

Health clearances:  MLS clear,    NCCD clear,    Factor 7 clear,   PRA clear, PKD clear, doesn’t carry Glaucoma, MFN2 neg, doesn’t carry gene for Brittle bone disease, CUBN Exon 8 neg. 

CERF Eye clear. Heart clear by a cardiologist.

You can see Rosie’s genetic tests from Embark by clicking on this link here

Rosie 1 year

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