Charlotte (aka: LoKazuri Star Forth in Line)

DOB:  Aug. 3 2018

We co-bred Charlotte with Alisha Lockleer from Lockestar Cavaliers and Susan Lockleer and we co-own her with Molly Ewert. She lives with the Ewert family in Woodinville. Charlotte got her name after Princess Charlotte – hence “Forth in line” because she is 4th in line for the throne.

We did a breeding between our Paris and CH Truelegance Pistols At Dawn owned by Kathi from KendallKastle cavaliers. We loved Charlotte’s structure so much, however with tri colors, their markings matter when it comes to showing (which I personally think is silly). Becuase of this, we chose to place her in a guardian home where we could watch her grow up without the risk of her being spayed and have the option to have a litter if she completes all of her health testing once she comes of age. Her personality is lovely and she is very outgoing – there is no one on earth she dosnt consider her best friend.

Right now she is just enjoying growing up, and playing with her brother Winston and being loved by her human family and friends.

Health clearances:     EF/CCS negative by parentage,   Eye clear (Oct 2018)