Nell (aka Kazuri’s Notorious Nell Gwyn)

DOB: Aug 1 2018

Nellie is the son of Arrow and Blake (CH Orchard Hill True Enough) owned by Mia Lawson from Zolesia Cavaliers. I tried hard not to fall in love with her, (and so did my family who did from day 1) but she had the most darling head as a newborn and then when she started to move around, it was obvious that she was well put together also.

We loved Nellie’s structure so much, however we had a wonderful guardian home where we could watch her grow up without the risk of her being spayed and have the option to have a litter if she completes all of her health testing once she comes of age. Her personality is lovely and she is very outgoing – there is no one on earth she dosnt consider her best friend. She is spoilt and loved to death and I am so glad that it is such a great match.

So, she is owned by myself and Joanne & Steve and lives with them in Snohomish while she grows up.

Health clearances:     EF/CCS negative by parentage,   Eye clear (May 2020 – KCS-EYE4540/15F-VPI), Heart clear (Sept 2020 – KCS-ACA1810/24F-VPI) OFA Hips (EXCELLENT).

18 months

Beagles and Cavalier King Charles Dogs