Keeping you safe in COVID-19

First of all, i wanted to say how sorry i am for all the families struggling right now – either because they are stuck at home with their kids full time and they have to work from home and that feels impossible, or struggling because their job hours have been cut due to their business struggling, or because they or someone they know or love is sick.

When it comes to visits (if you can do this), we will practice social distancing. We already have a “shoes off at the door” policy, but we will have everyone who comes wash their hands rather than use hand sanitizer. We will have wipes for the door handle. We wash the floor often, so that wont be anything new 🙂 Thankfully it doesn’t seem that dogs are affected by COVID-19 so that’s a good thing.

I want you to know I am aware of this and want to work with families when it comes time to pick up puppies. I know your city might be in “curfew” and you might not be able to travel, and things are kind of hard to move around right now anyway. So, I want you to know I am happy to work with you and figure things out.

I am so grateful for the families that love my Kazuri pups. They are some of the most pampered dogs in the country i think, and I am blessed by the families who love my dogs so well.

Thinking of you all through this tough time. We will get through it together. <3