OFA Excellence

Anyone who knows me, knows health testing is important to me and my breeding program.

I woke up to great news this morning that two of my cavalier girls have OFA HIP scores of “Excellent”. And that is a hard score for cavaliers to get so I am over the moon to get it.

Nellie (Kazuri’s Notorious Nellie) and Phoenix (Kazuri’s On the Wings Of Love TKN) are both out of my foundation girl Arrow (Lockestar Lovestruck CGC).

Nellie is sired by Blake (GCH Orchard Hill True Enough) owned by Mia Lawson and Phoenix is sired by Journey (CH Brookhaven Don’t Stop Believing) owned by Kathi Ogle.

I am forever grateful to these breeders for allowing me to use their studs and furthering my breeding program one generation at a time. These girls also recently cleared their eye exams. 💖

A huge thank you to Dr Anders Thoreson from Klahaya Animal Hospital for doing such a great job at taking non-sedated radiographs. He is truly an OFA magician.