The cavalier puppies are 6 weeks old

Oh my gosh – how did we get to halfway? These little babies are tiny dogs for sure. They are eating 3 full meals a day and are playing and pretend to be tough (but not really – haha). We are giving them more simulation with the tiny stairwell and balance ball and they are tackling them with enthusiasm. We are seeing their personalities emerging.

I took them to my photography studio this week for my favorite portrait shots of each litter in my blue armchair. I just love the way they look against the deep hue. The photos where they look a little unsure, it is only because they wanted to be on my lap instead of the chair.

*please note these babies are still not available at this time*

Archie – he is our most outgoing – always up for a new adventure and definitely leaps before he looks. But make no mistake, he also wants to cuddle up and snuggle on your lap.

Victoria – she is our most shy. Once she has observed and tried something she is all in. But she would rather wait and watch and figure things out first. She is sweet and loving and a little more laid back.

Fergie – She is sweet with a lot of spice. She is almost as outgoing as her brother. She loves to be nosy and know exactly what is going on at all times. We laugh that she has FOMO.

Kate – She is somewhere in the middle of all her siblings – not the most outgoing but not shy. She loves to play and loves to snuggle. Always quick to come when we call “puppy” and always finishes her own bowl of food and others. 🙂 This girl can eat 🙂

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