Cavalier Puppies are 1 week old

I dont know if there are many things cuter than puppies and having 9 beautiful babies in the house is almost overwhelming.  They are getting a lot of snuggle time between the kids and their friends since it is Summer holidays.  They cant wait for them to grow up a little and start to play.

Because Arrow and Paris’ babies are similar in size, we have been able to share the puppies between them, meaning that Arrow has been feeding and caring for the bigger ones and Paris the smaller ones. It has meant that everyone has had equal share to grow without being pushed around.  Its awesome and both moms are happy to take any babies they are given.  We are so lucky they are great natural mothers.

The babies turned a week old so of course you know that meant i needed to document the occasion.  Everyone has grown and filled out since they were born.  <3  And everyone has adorable nicknames now thanks to my kids and their friends.

Meet “Pumpkin” who is now 7.9oz

Meet “Benji” who is now 8.4oz

Meet “Ava” who is now 10.8oz

Meet “Vic” who is now 7.9 oz

Meet “Mistletoe” who is now 9.1oz

Meet “Minnie” who is now 7.3oz

Meet “Pipsqueak aka Pip” who is now 5.8 oz

Meet “Jazz” who is now 8.0oz

Meet “Nemo” who is now 7.6oz


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