The cavalier puppies are 3 weeks

Time is ticking on so fast – the babies are 3 weeks already.  They all have wide open eyes and are starting to explore.  They are finding their voices and we hear little growls and “purrs” from the puppy pen when they are awake.  Its rather sweet.

This week we will add a potty box to the puppy pen and start the process of introducing potty training.  I have never done this many puppies at once so I am hoping it will work okay.

This week we will also introduce their first solids.  I will definitely post a picture or two of their first meal 🙂

Enjoy their latest pictures.

Ava – now 1 lb 6.0 oz

Benji – now 1lb 6.1oz

Pumpkin – now 1lb 1.8oz

Victor – now 1lb 1.3oz

Mistletoe – now 1lb 3.9oz

Jazz – now 1 lb 5.3 oz

Pip – now 14 oz

Minnie – now 1lb 5.7oz

Nemo – now 1lb 1.7oz