The cavalier pups are 4 weeks

The cavalier puppies are 4 weeks.   They are wobbly walkers and starting to explore outside the whelping pen.  It’s fun to see them start to play with each other too.

They are eating solid food – well mushy food, but getting good at eating without causing too much mess.

I love these little love bugs so much <3

Ava – now 1 lb 13.1oz

Benji – now 1lb 13.1 oz

Pumpkin – now 1lb 6.0oz

Ava, Benji, Pumpkin

Victor – now 1lb 8.5oz

Mistletoe (who was very sleepy) – 1lb 12.1oz

Minnie – now 1lb 12oz

Pip – now 1 lb 2.2 oz


Jazz (who was also feeling rather sleepy) – 1lb 10 oz


Nemo – now lb 8.5oz

Pip, Minnie, Victor, Mistletoe, Nemo, Jazz

I woke all the babies from a nap after a big playtime and so some of the puppies were just too worn out to have photos today.  But I thought they were adorable anyway.




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