Arrows pups are a week old

Arrow’s puppies are doing great. They are all fat and healthy. Their coats are glossy and their bodies are getting stronger. We are loving our daily snuggles with them. The time already seems to be flying by way too quickly.

Miss Prada – she is now 7.62oz

Miss Burberry is now 10.48oz

Miss Chanel is 10.72 oz

And Mr Virgil is 10.37oz

We weigh them twice a day to make sure that they are gaining weight. If they lost weight in a 12 hour period, I would intervene by supplementing to make sure that they dont fall behind. So far, all seems to be going well, and they are eating well, and growing just like they should be. <3

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    1. Thank you – that’s kind of you to say <3 We are very proud of how glossy they all are.

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