Paris’s puppies are 7 weeks

I got to watch Paris’ puppies for almost 2 weeks while my breeding partner was attending the ACKCS national in Cape Cod. It was wonderful to have them here – to see all 10 puppies interact and bond and play together. Just before they left, they turned 6 weeks and 5 days so I thought I would take their 7 week old pictures for your enjoyment. They are just the cutest aren’t they?

Blenheim girl 1

Tri boy 1

Blenheim girl 2

Tri boy 2

Blenheim boy 1

Tri girl 1

Please note that we are a small, family hobby cavalier king Charles spaniel breeder here in Woodinville which is just north of Seattle, Washington. While these puppies might already be sold, we are taking names for future puppies we have planned. We also have a network of other breeders that we are connected to, so if we dont have a puppy for you, we would be happy to connect you to someone else who might have a perfect furry companion for you.